Four Top Information Services Web Sites to Offer Targeted Promotions Via planet U

planet U to Deliver Brand Incentives to Over Ten Million Registered Internet Users

SAN FRANCISCO, June 17 /PRNewswire/ - planet U, the internet- based consumer products marketing service, has signed on four of the top targeted information services sites to offer customized promotions to their users. planet U delivers electronic coupons, reward points, rebates, samples and sweepstakes to consumers based on demographic, psychographic, lifestyle, lifestage, purchase history and internet usage profiles.

These four sites will add more than four million registered users to the planet U member base, and will offer more than 13 million banner ads to draw users to their promotion pages.

For consumer product marketers, the sites deliver committed, interest- specific users, ideal for new product trials, fostering product loyalty and repeat purchase. These additional sites are:

INFO SPACE - - the fastest, most comprehensive, dynamic directory listing service on the Web. InfoSpace is the first service to enable users to easily and instantly locate listings of businesses, government offices, people, toll-free numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, maps and URL's, all integrated into one web site.

ROCKET MAIL - - RocketMail is a Web-based system that allows users to create an e-mail account on the RocketMail service with no direct charge. From a Web page, users can send and receive private e-mail that also supports attached Web information such as graphics or full Web pages. E-mail can be to accessed from anyplace there is a browser, for example, an airport kiosk or a client's desktop. Over 5,000 new e-mail accounts are added daily,

FOUR 11 - - designed to help its users quickly and efficiently locate exactly who they want to find on the Internet. The service is simple and easy to use for newcomers and seasoned Internet users alike. Registered users of the Four 11 directory are invited to include a range of personal information in their listings such as geographical location, high school or college affiliation, personal hobbies and professional interests, previous e-mail addresses, and more. This not only enables users to find just the person they are seeking, but also provides a great resource for people seeking others with like interests and associations.

ASK JEEVES - - the Internet's only "personal concierge." Ask Jeeves has four million Internet links. Since its preview, thousands of Internet users have found answers to questions ranging from "What's the weather like in Fargo?" to "What's on television tonight?" Ask Jeeves was designed to reduce the frustration of the Internet by providing a more intelligent way to find information quickly: With Ask Jeeves, you ask a specific question and only the most relevant answers are presented.

These information services sites join a roster of community- oriented sites including Web Chat, Happy Puppy,, ThirdAge, and NetNoir to provide planet U with access to over ten million registered Internet users.

According to planet U president, Christine Comaford, "With the addition of these new Sites, planet U marketing clients will have access to a significant portion of the Web audience. With planet U's targeting capabilities, manufacturers will be able to direct promotions, advertising, and other marketing offers and incentives to interest-specific, highly motivated Website users - and be able to accurately gauge usage, market penetration and the marketing power of internet promotions."

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