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DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 25, 1997--

Fully customizable "virtual branch offices" create more sales time for member services reps

To maintain and grow credit union membership in today's increasingly competitive financial services arena, credit unions must constantly seek better methods of cost-effectively delivering value-added member services.

Incorporation of kiosks are a proven method of doing so, and member utilization of kiosks provides an additional benefit -- more time for member services representatives (MSRs) to spend on activities where member assistance is truly needed.

To that end, Sigmacom Corp., a company specializing in credit union-specific products and services, introduces its informational kiosk product line. Its customizable kiosk provides comprehensive automated delivery of basic member services at local and remote locations.

"Sigmacom's kiosk was developed based on extensive research within the credit union industry," said Craig Lassen, president of Sigmacom. "We describe our kiosk as a 'virtual branch office' or strategically placed informational centers providing convenient member access to information, and soon to vendor services and account transaction capabilities."

Sigmacom's kiosk allows a member, via a touch-sensitive screen, to access main and branch hours and locations, products and services, membership information, newsletters, ATM locations, community information, events, special offers, coupons and a loan calculator.

Red Rocks Federal Credit Union's members have been using two Sigmacom informational kiosks at the credit union's main office in Highlands Ranch, Colo., since October 1996. "Sigmacom understands the needs of credit unions," said Terri Stonebraker, executive vice president of Red Rocks.

"The company realized the kiosk had to be inviting and very user-friendly to achieve our ultimate kiosk goal which is to help maximize time spent by our MSRs on actual sales, while reducing the time required for our members to access the information they need," Stonebraker said.

The kiosk is engineered with modular components to provide flexible customization for each credit union's specific needs. Fully customizable graphics can easily be integrated into the overall presentation. Also, updates and content additions can be readily managed with a simple-to-use graphical user interface.

"In our search for a kiosk provider, we required that the product provide us total customization capabilities which allow us to do what we want when we want," Stonebraker said. "Sigmacom's kiosk does. None of the others do. In fact, we use the customization capabilities to post our required monthly financial statements on the kiosk. We are extremely happy with our investment and plan to utilize many of the kiosk's additional capabilities in the near future."

The company's informational capabilities kiosk options include: o telephones -- allows a kiosk user to speak with a customer service representative for additional information

o video conferencing -- when available will add a visual element for a kiosk user to see, as well as speak with, a customer service representative

o printers -- available in various sizes and configurations to provide statements, coupons, tickets, receipts, etc.

o security features -- include tamper- and bullet-proof housings, tilt sensors, temperature indicators, sirens with battery backup, etc.

Sigmacom provides turnkey credit union kiosk services, including hardware and software development, access to select vendors, installation, testing, training, support, management and Web page design. Sigmacom's informational kiosk is fully customizable and can be designed to fit almost any installation parameters, including tabletop, wall-mount, in-wall and stand- alone. Sigmacom also provides credit union interactive network services via CU i NET.

Sigmacom plans to announce in the third quarter availability of its transactional services capabilities.

For more information on Sigmacom's kiosk or other offerings, contact the company at 303/657-8212; fax at 303/657-8210; or visit its Web site at http://www.sigmacom.com .

Sigmacom Corp., founded in 1992 and located in Denver, specializes in technological solutions, including kiosks and network services, for the credit union industry. The company also is an established and reputable provider of network services to numerous Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies. Those services include local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) systems integration of voice and communications, enterprise facsimile and video conferencing.

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