(SIEMENS) Siemens' new multimedia kiosk introduced to SIA; Kiosk provides personalized service to customers while boosting productivity

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SIA Booth No. 1506

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 25, 1997--Siemens Business Communication Systems introduced its new Customer Access Terminal (CAT) kiosk to the Securities Industry Association, along with the industry's lowest-cost entry-level digital telephone.

The new multimedia kiosk can be customized to recognize repeat customers and to offer them specialized services based on previous buying habits. The kiosk's unique combination of computer and telephony technology allows brokerages to build customer loyalty while reducing demands on staff and improving productivity.

The CAT kiosk supports a variety of credit and smart card applications. The server can access a variety of databases, including Informix and Oracle, to provide information to kiosk customers. The kiosk interacts with customers through a touch- screen monitor, dual magnet strip and smart card reader, videoconferencing system, phone and printer.

Other products shown at SIA include:

-- The new family of global digital telephones, the Optiset E -- with an innovative, modular design and a simplified, visual user guide.

-- The Optiset video connection to SwiftSite videoconference, the simple, compact and portable videoconferencing system; and

-- The Hicom Trading System, the first system to bring a full complement of business communications functions into a trading turret.

Siemens Business Communication Systems

From switching systems and networks to call centers and multimedia messaging, Siemens Business Communications provides integrated global communications solutions that turn diverse technologies into practical applications. Siemens provides solutions for such major business sectors as healthcare, utilities, retail, public procurement, finance and professional/consulting services.

The company is part of Siemens Private Communications Systems, the world's largest supplier of private telecommunications systems, with annual sales of approximately $5.8 billion, more than 500,000 customers and a million systems installed. Telecommunications and networking accounted for more than 20 percent of Siemens sales of $63.2 billion in the fiscal year 1995-96.