(NEWMEDIA-2)(HYPR)(HPR) NewMedia Magazine seeks best Web site, kiosk and CD-ROM entries for 1997 NewMedia INVISION awards; Popular competition for digital content creators enters fifth year

SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 25, 1997--Each year hundreds of companies who create CD-ROMs, kiosks and Web sites for entertainment, commerce and education pack up their projects and send them off to the NewMedia INVISION Awards to see how they measure up to other work being produced in the digital-media industry.

Since they were introduced in 1993, the NewMedia INVISION Awards have emerged the most prestigious competition for professionals in the digital-media market. Produced by NewMedia magazine, the leading magazine for digital content creators, the competition is the largest in the industry, attracting 900 entries in 1996.

Joining NewMedia as Gold Sponsors of the awards are Apple Computer, Microsoft Corporation, Silicon Graphics and ZDTV. Silver Sponsors include Macromedia, Tri-Star, NeTpower and Elo TouchSystems. This year's Contributing Sponsors include the American Film Institute, SFSU Multimedia Studies Program, Silicon Reef, MetaCreations, Upside magazine, MDG.org, Sophia Antipolis and the Northwest Center for Emerging Technologies.

Past winners cite winning an INVISION award as an important milestone in their careers and their companies' success. According to Robert Linehan, winner of an Award of Excellence for Personal Projects, "Winning a 1995 NewMedia INVISION Award was a pivotal point in my professional career. As an individual digital artist, it is virtually impossible to receive the enormous exposure that the awards generated."

Brad Johnson, a finalist in the 1995 competition and winner of the 1996 Best of Online for Brad Johnson Designs' work on the TerraQuest Web site, adds, "Last year we won a gold medal and Best of Online, and that really opened a lot of doors. With profiles in the magazine, at the awards show and online, a lot of people became aware of our work, and now our clients are from all over the world."

Gary Gattis of Human Code, winner of a number of INVISION Awards including an Award of Excellence for The Cartoon History of the Universe, summarizes, "The NewMedia INVISION Award is certainly one of the most prestigious. It is not something you just hang on the wall. People take it very seriously."

This year's entries are due to NewMedia magazine by August 1, 1997. Competition entry forms are available on the Internet at www.newmedia.com/invision . Entries will be judged by a panel of educators, journalists, creative directors, digital content designers and industry experts. Awards will be handed out and winning entries will be shown during The NewMedia INVISION Awards Festival, November 10-12 in San Francisco.

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