Frankel Unveils Revolutionary Digital Marketing Product -- Proprietary Digital Point-of-Purchase System

CHICAGO, July 14 /PRNewswire/ - Frankel & Company, one of the nation's largest marketing and promotional services agencies and the leader in digital marketing, today unveiled its proprietary Digital Point-of-Purchase (Digital POP) product. Digital POP will enable marketers to electronically create, control and deliver customized point-of-purchase messages in retail environments. In development for 18 months, Digital POP is the first technology marketing initiative to be unveiled by Siren Technologies, Frankel's new division formed to develop and apply new technologies for use in marketing.

The new Digital POP technology enables marketers to integrate national marketing campaigns with local marketing initiatives, allowing them to instantaneously reflect new promotions and pricing changes, localize the content to reflect regional promotions, and display messages in different languages. An effective market testing tool, Digital POP uses computers, proprietary software, state-of-the-art flat panel displays, and electronic distribution via telephone lines.

"The $12 billion point-of-purchase industry is one of the fastest-growing areas of marketing," said Bud Frankel, Founder, CEO and Chairman of Frankel & Co. "This new digital marketing initiative is just the first in a series of technology-based products and services under development at Siren Technologies that will revolutionize how marketers approach their business. It's only appropriate that the new, state-of-the-art system comes from Frankel - the longtime expert on building brands and driving sales in the retail setting," he added.

Last month, Frankel was named Agency of the Year by PROMO Magazine, after ranking first in the industry for two consecutive years.

Led by digital marketing veterans Richard Mandeberg, vice president, Frankel & Co. and Tony Dillon, general manager, Siren Technologies expects to adapt and install Digital POP in several client locations in a variety of industries by year-end. "By upgrading traditional, static point-of-purchase materials with digitally updated messages in motion, we can engage consumers at the most critical decision-making moment: the point of sale," said Mandeberg. "This speeds consumer response time, while lowering costs."

There is a patent pending on Digital POP, and negotiations have started with potential partners to manufacture the Digital POP hardware. Committed to producing and distributing new media for strategic marketing solutions, Siren Technologies is in discussions with a number of potential clients in a variety of retail industries, on a number of electronic marketing solutions aimed at building clients' sales and brand equity. Digital POP is in test in three undisclosed sites.

In addition to Siren Technologies, which specializes in retail applications of digital technology, Frankel's high-technology marketing initiative includes Digital MarketingFrankel, which offers broad-based, brand-building digital strategies - from web sites to high-tech kiosks.

Siren Technologies and Digital MarketingFrankel are the latest in a string of successful initiatives for Frankel & Co., which celebrates its 35th anniversary in August. Frankel offers a full range of marketing and promotional services, including direct- response marketing, entertainment marketing, event marketing, public relations and sports marketing.

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