Microage Forms Alliance with Interactive Kiosk Developer First Wave

TEMPE, Ariz., Aug. 8 /PRNewswire/ - MicroAge, Inc. (Nasdaq: MICA), a global technology services provider, today announced an agreement with First Wave, Inc., an interactive multimedia kiosk application and enclosure developer, to deliver custom kiosk solutions to computer resellers and large organizations worldwide.

This is an exciting product for our resellers, said Warren Mills, MicroAge senior vice president of Strategic Alliances. "It not only enhances the variety of products resellers can offer their current customers, it also broadens the reseller's customer base to include kiosk-specific applications."

First Wave is a leader in delivering a complete, multimedia kiosk solution, custom-designed, with a housing for computer equipment, a touch- screen monitor, stereo speakers, computer CPU and laser printer.

To reduce the expense and unpredictability of kiosk-specific custom software development, First Wave created Information Rainbowt, an off-the- shelf commercial software designed especially for touchscreen use. Information Rainbowt can be quickly and economically customized to meet each customer's needs, and is self- updating.

With First Wave's turnkey kiosk solution, complete custom systems can now be delivered to the customer ready to plug in and begin operation. The kiosks can also include a specific, appealing smell. Or they can be designed with virtual reality for applications such as a new home sales center where potential buyers can step inside their dream home.

"The alliance with MicroAge greatly enhances our ability to sell and distribute our custom-designed multimedia kiosks," said First Wave President John Glitsos. "We are extremely impressed with the capabilities of the MicroAge Quality Integration Center to meet the custom integration needs of multimedia kiosk customers. The impressive network of MicroAge resellers and business partners extends our ability to serve customers worldwide."

MicroAge will provide custom integration of the software, computer equipment and kiosk housing at its ISO 9001-certified MicroAge Quality Integration Center in Tempe, Ariz.; maintenance and support of the kiosk systems will be performed through MicroAge's network of branches and alliance partners spanning 34 countries.

First Wave specializes in interactive multimedia kiosk applications. Their Information Rainbowt software is used to dispense information and gather data. The company also developed an outside enclosure, Sculpture Wavet, which can be custom-designed to the customer's needs-anything from a rocket ship blasting off into space to a smiling dolphin riding the crest of an ocean wave. Or the design could blend in with the environment as a smooth column of marble or even a piece of modern art.

First Wave, Inc.'s interactive multimedia kiosk applications are used in corporate lobbies, museums, hospitals and retail outlets to dispense information and gather marketing data. Founded in 1990, First Wave has established itself as an industry leader in interactive multimedia kiosk technology.

About MicroAge, Inc.

MicroAge, Inc., a Fortune 500 company, is a global technology services company, providing distributed computing solutions and ISO- 9001-certified multi-supplier integration services to large organizations and computer resellers worldwide. The company serves corporations and government agencies through its MicroAge Infosystems Services network of branches and alliance partners spanning 34 countries, and offers computer resellers over 20,000 products from more than 500 suppliers backed by a suite of technical, financial, distribution and account management services. ECadvantaget, MicroAge's new electronic commerce architecture, is utilizing the Internet to streamline the delivery of services to its customers. Headquartered in Tempe, Ariz., the company's 1996 revenues exceeded $3.5 billion. Information about MicroAge is available on the World Wide Web at www.microage.com.

SOURCE MicroAge, Inc. -0- 08/08/97 /CONTACT: Michelle Gorel MicroAge, Inc. 602-366-1218, email: mgorelmicroage.com; or John Glitsos, First Wave, Inc., 602-860- 4300, email: http://www.first-wave.com/ (MICA)