(ADVANCED-MEDIA)(ADVM) Advanced Media Introduces E-Commerce Software Site, Ushers Buyers Into A New World Of Internet-Related Software

Business/Technology Editors

BOHEMIA, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--August 6, 1997--Advanced Media Inc. (AMI) (OTC BB: ADVM (new symbol, previously ADVI), a long time leader in the electronic kiosk (touchscreen) marketplace, has now launched the first of its many electronic commerce Web-sites, "www.21softwaredrive.com". This site is one of the most advanced electronic commerce sites available.

Under the umbrella of ShopAMI, 21 SoftwareDrive, still growing, contains over 21,000 software products for consumers to purchase from a multitude of vendors. These products include Internet, Intranet and multimedia software, data-mining tools, downloadable software, real-time software and much more.

Beyond the extensive Internet software catalog that 21 SoftwareDrive provides, it is the first time a software site combines the ease and depth of a transactional Web-site with the editorial opportunities afforded by the e-zine format. 21 SoftwareDrive, will be supported by a library of information such as White Papers, commentary from vendors and users reflecting their points of view on the Internet, surveys, editorials, feedback capabilities, etc. In the 3rd Quarter of 1997, AMI anticipates housing extensive information concerning products, as well as the commentary of the industry leaders who contribute to the site.

Frank Coppola, AMI's Director, Electronic Commerce Division, stated "We all want to learn and be entertained. 21 SoftwareDrive is an alternative to the ordeal of shopping from retailer to retailer for a specific piece of software. It's a completely new concept for Web-based software sales and all about content, information, customer service and satisfaction, with the ultimate goal of selling products for our vendors. Our list is not yet complete and 21 SoftwareDrive continues to look for, and add, exciting and unique applications."

Advanced Media Inc. creates and produces a broad range of Interactive Multimedia and Internet products for business, including touchscreen kiosk systems, database management technologies, Web-sites, and various Internet systems. AMI offers multimedia, computer and communication solutions for large and small business needs. As a solution provider, AMI provides a small business with a complete shopping source for office solutions ranging from accounting to sales, publications to 3D animation and complete integration of hardware and software.

According to industry market research firm Forrester Research, Inc., Web-based electronic commerce will be a $2.4 billion market in 1998, with computer products accounting for $701 million. By the Year 2000, there will be a total market of $6.6 billion and a computer products market of $2.1 billion. -0- Any forward looking statements contained in this release reflect management's current intentions and expectations. Actual future results could vary materially depending on certain risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to, such factors as financing, operational spending, revenue levels, customer concentration, and the other factors referred to in the reports filed by the company with the SEC. (Note new symbol OTCBB: ADVM)

Visit http://www.21softwaredrive.com or http://wwww.advancedmedia.com