ObjectSoft Kiosks Allow New Yorkers to Access Building Information Without Waiting on Line

NEW YORK, Aug. 5 /PRNewswire/ - New Yorkers now have easier access to important information about their house or apartment building, or any address in the City, through a new program developed by the New York City Department of Buildings, the Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications (DOITT) called CityAccess. ObjectSoft (Nasdaq: OSFT), developer of the SmartStreet kiosk, utilizes the CityAccess Program and helps bring city government closer to the people.

Once a citizen types in an address on the ATM-type touch- screen, a wide range of information on a property is presented by CityAccess on the SmartStreet kiosk, including Department of Finance ownership data, outstanding Building Code violations, construction histories, permit applications and the status of these applications, explained ObjectSoft President George J. Febish.

There is no charge for the information, presented on the screen in an easy-to-read format, or for print-outs at the kiosk.

"The addition of Department of Buildings information provides an important service to property owners, tenants and others in a convenient setting and in a user-friendly format," Febish said. "With information from the Department of Finance, the kiosk will help you find out who owns that vacant property on your block and what's being done about it."

"Including Department of Buildings information on these kiosks is an important step in the CityAccess program to better serve New Yorkers," said DOITT Commissioner Ralph A. Balzano.

"The public has another means to find important data while city workers are free to provide other services," Balzano added.

"With the support of Mayor Giuliani, the Department of Buildings has increasingly sought technology to improve its services to the public, particularly information access," said Department of Buildings Commissioner Gaston Silva. "The SmartStreet Kiosk provides the public with easy access to the Building Information System. I encourage everyone to take advantage of it."

As part of a demonstration project administered and managed by DOITT, SmartStreet Kiosks at 125 Worth Street, The Bronx and Brooklyn Municipal Buildings, Queens Borough Hall and the St. George Ferry Terminal in Staten Island provide important government service information through the CityAccess Program.

Kiosks also provide travel and tourism information, including customized maps with directions. An overhead video screen provides a message from Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and an introduction to the SmartStreet program from actor Tony Randall.

Through CityAccess, the kiosks also provide information from the Health Department and other city agencies. Users can get detailed information on city services, including printouts listing publications and locations of hospitals, libraries and other facilities.