Internet Expo - First Look At Web Products & Services


BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, U.S.A., 1997 AUG 13 (NB) -- By Jacqueline Emigh. At a "First Looks" press event on the eve of DCI's Internet Expo, vendors previewed dozens of new products and services to be shown to the public in Boston over the next two days, aimed at extending the Web in areas ranging from multi-tiered applications, touch kiosks and video, to distance learning and international trade.

Progress Software, the sponsor of "First Looks," will showcase Apptivity 1.0 in Booth 1064 at the expo in Boston, a company spokesperson told Newsbytes.

Joining the Progress Software line-up through Progress's recent acquisition of Apptivity, the Apptivity 1.0 product is billed as the first available Java-based tool for developing thin-client, multi-tiered applications.

Ontario, Canada-based Tierra Communications is demoing Highlights2, a desktop "monitor" for modifications to pages on the World Wide Web, said Robert Taylor, director of corporate sales, speaking with Newsbytes during the press event in Boston last night.

In a demo on the expo floor, Taylor showed Newsbytes how Highlights 2 keeps a watch over user-designated Web pages, pushing modified pages to the desktop, at specified time intervals, even when the user is disconnected.

The changed pages can then be seen in the browsers, with the modified areas highlighted in color, Taylor told Newsbytes.

Tierra also produces a corporate edition of Highlights 2, permitting companies to decide which pages will be monitored for employees, according to the sales exec.

Inso Corp. will debut new editions of both DynaText and QuickView Plus, in addition to showing an update to the DynaWeb authoring environment announced just yesterday, said Inso's Paul Lamoureaux, during another interview with Newsbytes at "First Looks."

DynaText 2.1 will add support for CDF (Common Desktop Format) as well as XML, Lamoureaux said. DynaWeb 3.1 will bring support for DVI equations.

Also at Internet Expo, Eudora will demonstrate the new Eudora Productivity Toolkit, with tools for security; virus protection; attachment viewing; and file compression, according to a company spokesperson.

Black Diamond is releasing Surround Video 2.0, a video product designed for quick, relatively inexpensive production of 360-degree panoramic images for Web sites as well as on screen presentations.

Elo TouchSystems will show Web Enabler, a customizable overlay aimed at extending touch capabilities to Web browsers for use on public Internet kiosks.

Black Ice Software will demo SendFax From Web, a development tool for adding fax-on-demand to HTML (hypertext markup language) pages.

Also at the show in Boston, Proteon's OpenRoute Networks subsidiary will release four new routers: the GTSecure 250 firewall router; the GTS 100, an "affordable" secure router with dial back-up capabilities; and the new GT 65 and GT 75, for remote access routing.

Novell is highlighting GroupWise, an expanded e-mail product, as part of its Universal Mailbox for single-point access to calendaring, scheduling, tasks, faxes, voice-mail, and other messages on the desktop and over the Web.

Other companies will talk about Internet services. For example, Mainstream Electronic Information Services provides database engineering outsourcing services for organizations like Nynex, the State of New Hampshire, and Spectrum Telecorp, in addition to Web hosting services for customers that include AutoFair Automotive Corp.; Sensors magazine; Desktop Paging Services, and an inn in New Hampshire, said Vale Kelly, director of marketing, speaking with Newsbytes last night.

GTE Cybertrust plans to showcase its certification authority products and services this week, Newsbytes was told.

In other pre-show events last night, the Massachusetts Interactive Media Council (MIMC) held its annual awards ceremony, attended by Newsbytes at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, and Northern Light introduced a new search engine at a press conference attended by Newsbytes in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

In a press conference at the Hynes later today, Anew Technology Corp. is expected to focus on AsiaMart, a new offering for online, real-time trading with 1,000 Asian businesses.

At another press event at Internet Expo, the University of Lowell will discuss CyberEd, a distance learning offering for instruction in courses ranging from C, C++, Perl and Java programming to computer algebra and "writing for interactive media."

Other companies slated for upcoming press activities at Internet Expo include Digital Equipment Corp. and Brainstorm.

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