(STARLIGHT-NETWORKS) Starlight Networks Announces Reseller Agreement With LCI Computer Group N.V.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.---Aug. 25, 1997--

Partnership Expands Starlight's Presence in Europe; Demonstrates Growing Demand for Video Networking Business Solutions Worldwide

Starlight Networks, the world leader in broadband MPEG1 and MPEG2 video networking solutions for corporate intranets, today announced it has entered into a Master European Reseller agreement with Netherlands-based LCI Computer Group N.V., a global high-tech solution provider recognized in the network connectivity, electronic commerce and multimedia arenas.Under the agreement, LCI will resell Starlight's flagship products, StarWorks and StarCast, in eight countries in Western Europe, including Austria, Germany, Denmark, France, Switzerland and Belgium.The partnership opens significant new distribution channels for Starlight in Europe, where the market for video-based Intranet solutions has been growing rapidly, and enables LCI to bring advanced new video capabilities to its international customer base.

"The growth in demand for video solutions from European markets has been phenomenal, especially in the financial sector where the quality and immediacy of information play a critical role in companies' competitiveness," said Tanya Candia, vice president of marketing at Starlight Networks."Our partnership with LCI Computer Group will enable us to help fill the demand with innovative, comprehensive solutions.LCI's strong European presence, solid reputation, and technical know-how in the video market make it a great fit for our technology and our international strategy."

Starlight is an attractive company for LCI because of its technology leadership in bringing mission-critical video information to hundreds of companies worldwide.Starlight was the first company to enable delivery of full-motion video, both live and stored, instantaneously to thousands of PCs around the globe. Unlike alternative solutions, Starlight works with existing client/server networks and provides patented stream management, enabling video applications to peacefully co-exist with other network applications. This technology is dramatically changing the way information is delivered and received in today's corporate environments, bringing improved communications, increased competitiveness, and enhanced network efficiencies.

"We're excited to add Starlight's technology to our multimedia solutions," said Sam Asseer, CEO of LCI Computer Group N.V."The market for video and audio streaming applications is growing fast, and we are working to stay ahead of the market curve and build solutions that meet and anticipate our customers' network needs. Working with Starlight enables us to bring the most advanced streaming media technology to our customers, in solutions that bring immediate value to the organization.The association of Starlight with LCI significantly strengthens Starlight's market presence in Europe and allows both companies to offer advanced solutions.StarWorks and StarCast fit well with LCI's leading development of kiosks, secure electronic commerce and the SMARTpeno."

About StarWorks StarWorks is a mission-critical networking software that enables hundreds of users to share streaming mixed media (video, audio, text, graphics, etc.) over Ethernet, FDDI, ATM, and other local area networks.StarWorks integrates live and stored media content on LANs, guarantees high-quality delivery, and ensures peaceful co-existence of video/audio streams with other network applications. StarWorks supports Microsoft Windows NT and UNIX- based platforms, including Solaris and Lynx Realtime OS.Clients supported include Windows 95, Windows NT and Macintosh.

About StarCast StarCast provides one-to-many IP multicasting over existing corporate enterprise networks at speeds up to 30 frames per second. On a StarWorks media server, StarCast enables live and stored multicasts over standard Ethernet LANs, or over a WAN that has a high-speed satellite hookup.StarCast is ideal for applications like distance learning, remote manufacturing process management, live TV news, security/surveillance systems, video conference multicasts, corporate communications, and emergency broadcasts. StarCast supports Microsoft Windows NT BackOffice platforms, as well as Windows 95, Windows NT and Windows for Workgroups.

About LCI Computer Group N.V. LCI Computer Group N.V., a Dutch holding company of 29 companies, is publicly quoted on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.LCI employs over 400 people and maintains offices in nine major countries including the United States.LCI is active in the field of information technology (IT) and related services, such as network and printer connectivity, video conferencing, wireless communications, document management, integration, sales, services and facilities management.The subsidiaries of LCI pursue an independent policy, controlled by the holding company.LCI's active role in integration and services has led to acquisitions, which over the years have strengthened LCI's position as an automation partner to major institutions as well as to government. LCI's development of the SMARTpeno, the world's only wireless pen computer, is a big step in LCI's drive to develop products for the "on-ramps" and "off-ramps" of the information superhighway.LCI Computer Group is headquartered at 8 Europalaan, P.O. Box 3409, 5203 DK,'s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. Phone:+31-(0)73- 6455255.Fax:+31-(0)73-6455296.WWW:http://www.lcigroup.com .

About Starlight Networks Starlight Networks is the worldwide leader in InterMedia networking software, providing cost-effective, scalable solutions for the delivery, storage and management of streaming data types across enterprise networks and Intranets.With more than 400 customers around the world, Starlight enables companies to significantly increase productivity and reduce costs by bringing critical information - audio, video, images, graphics, and/or text - directly to users' desktops, without interrupting network traffic or straining bandwidth resources.Starlight is the only vendor offering guaranteed delivery of video content, both live and stored.Starlight's family of products include StarWorks and StarCast.Starlight Networks is located at 205 Ravendale Drive, Mountain View, CA 94043.Phone:415/967-2774.Fax:415/967- 0686.WWW:http://www.starlight.com .