SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 8, 1997--Macromedia International User Conference '97--

More Than 50 Touchscreen-Equipped Kiosks Enable Conference Attendees to View and Vote On 100+ Finalists In Multimedia, Graphics, Audio, and

Non-Commercial Categories

Lending its expertise in kiosk design and touchscreens, MicroTouch's Factura Kiosks division (NASDAQ:MTSI) has loaned more than 50 kiosks for Macromedia International User Conference '97 this week at San Francisco's Moscone Center. Factura kiosks will be the primary vehicle enabling attendees to view, evaluate, and choose winners in the conference's "Made With Macromedia People's Choice Awards." Winners will be announced at a special ceremony held October 9th.

More than 1,500 entries in 16 separate multimedia, print, and Web categories have been narrowed to approximately 100 finalists. Each conference attendee will receive a ballot to select winners in each category and two overall "Best of Show" winners. Attendees will be able to use Factura kiosks in a special Macromedia Gallery in Moscone Center to sample the various 2D, 3D, print, multimedia, and on-line projects developed using Macromedia's products: Director, Shockwave, FreeHand, E3D, Flash, Authorware, and more.

"It's a pleasure to contribute to the success of this exciting conference," said Janet Muto, vice president of marketing for MicroTouch. "The exposure of our kiosks to thousands of designers, developers, media members, and publishers is a great vehicle for our kiosk business. It gives some of the industry's leading content creators an idea of the power that public accessed kiosks can add to their Macromedia applications. We're delighted Macromedia officials agree that our touch-enabled Factura kiosks are the ideal platform for showcasing these dazzling entries."

This is the 2nd year that MicroTouch's Factura Kiosks division, the country's largest manufacturer of kiosks, has donated its time, equipment, and expertise to the Macromedia conference.

MicroTouch will also highlight Prospector 3.0 within a Factura Sliver kiosk at the Macromedia conference. Prospector 3.0 is the public browser software designed specifically for public-friendly access through touchscreen kiosks. "The work MicroTouch has done with Prospector allows developers working with Macromedia Director and Shockwave to easily develop touch applications that give the public access to the Internet," said Leesa Lee, Director product manager at Macromedia.

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MicroTouch Systems, Inc. is the world leader in touchscreen technologies. Its touchscreen products incorporate the world's two most popular touch technologies, analog capacitive and resistive membrane, as well as a host of innovative touch solutions. The Factura Kiosks division of MicroTouch is the largest kiosk manufacturer in the US. Established in 1996, MicroTouch's Business Products Division develops and markets innovative, team-based products for workgroups. Founded in 1982, MicroTouch reported sales of $95.0 million in 1996, and was recently named among America's Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies by Fortune. With its headquarters and primary manufacturing plant in Methuen, Mass., MicroTouch also maintains manufacturing facilities in New York, the United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, and Australia, along with sales offices and distributors in numerous other countries.


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