Cyberflyer links travelers to Internet

Cyberflyer, an Internet access booth, has made its debut at Norfolk International Airport in Virginia.

The six booths, which are situated throughout the airport, are constructed of stainless steel with seats and a counter. Each is equipped with an Intel-based personal computer that uses a customized version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer to retrieve and send e-mail and access the Internet on high-speed phone lines at 33 cents a minute.

With the swipe of a credit card, travelers will be able to access America Online, the Microsoft Network, Netcom, AT&T Worldnet, Compuserve and other services. People with laptop computers can connect to their mail and Internet services via a data port.

Links are also available to business news, financial services, travel- reservation services and online shopping. Free information about the airport and the Norfolk area is available through the customized Internet browser.

Table-top versions of the Cyberflyer, a product of the Denver-based company Cyberflyer Technologies, will be tested this fall in some airport restaurants through a program with Host Marriott Services.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, currently reviewing proposals from many companies, plans to install kiosks with Internet access and e-mail service at Kennedy, La Guardia and Newark Airports. Internet access is available at the business centers in La Guardia, which opened in May.