The Best Just Got Better!

Rocky Mountain Multimedia is proud to announce the beta release of Level 3 of the VERY popular Web Kiosk Commander software is available online NOW.

The software and documentation is available online at the Rocky Mountain Multimedia website at

New Level 3 features of the Web Kiosk Commander include:

* FREE UPGRADE for all Level 2 users (as usual!)

* Support for Netscape Communicator 4.0+ and Internet Explorer 4.0+.

* Create Multimedia Presentations and Attraction Loops with the Media Player. Define a background graphic, an optional soundtrack, and play either a video or a series of graphic pictures. Cool transitions and special effects makes this new feature HOT!

* Create Banner Adswith special effects and hyperlinks. Turn the top component of the Web Kiosk Commander into a round-robin promotional tool.

* "Under DDE Control" Operation Mode lets you control the Web Kiosk Commander via DDE using your own executable. Use your Director, Visual Basic, C++, Toolbook II (etc.) application to command and control the WKC! When the WKC is not in use, it hides itself and the browser back on the Task Bar. Slick!

* "On Task Bar" Operation Mode lets you run the Web Kiosk Commander on the Task Bar - always out of sight! Now run Nav or IE in kiosk mode yet still control downloads, URL access, and e-mail via the WKC.

* Use HTML to Control the Web Kiosk Commander. Have hyperlinks change Button Bars, run a local multimedia presentation using the Media Player, even dial a telephone number!

* Support for GIF and JPG Files in Addition to BMP.

* URL Generation via User Query. Ask users questions then load a new URL based upon their input.

* Attract Mode Termination on URL Mouse Events.

* Optional Button Bar Soundtrack.

* Upgrade to Visual Basic 5.0.

With the Web Kiosk Commander You Can...

* Run it as a stand-alone application, a hidden application on the Task Bar, or as a puppet application controlled by your application via DDE.

* Completely replace the browser interface with a user-friendly, customized graphical interface.

* Define "banner ad graphics" that intermittently change across the top of the application.These graphics can be hyperlinked to disk-based or Internet / Intranet URLs.

* Create "multimedia records" that contain pictures, sound and/or video, and use these records in an attraction loop or assign a record to a button.

* Define an unlimited number of 3-D on-screen buttons and graphics to customize your application. These buttons can appear to the left, right, above or below the browser window.

* Assign a button to load a URL, allow browser actions (such as page up/ down, back/forward and home), allow e-mail composition, etc.

* Define an unlimited number of button bars that contain multiple buttons.

* Create an attraction loop to execute when the application is not in use. This loop can be from a list of URLs and use animated GIFs, Java applets, Shockwave multimedia, ActiveX controls, etc. The loop can also be a "multimedia record" OR be run by another application such as Director, Multimedia Toolbook, or Authorware, and include full motion video.

* Surf the web live and/or surf the disk, LAN or company Intranet.

* Allow unrestricted surfing, or monitor URLs limiting access to selected sites (wildcard support).

* Monitor e-mail hyperlinks and limit access to selected addresses (wildcard support).

* Compose e-mail messages and enter addresses with the pop-up keyboard.

* Send e-mail messages live or write them to disk. Collected messages can be sent at a specified time.

* Complete HTML forms with a variety of customizable pop-up keyboards.

* Define the user query function to gather user input via the pop-up keyboard.

* Process user input and generate a URL based on the answers received.

* Restrict which web pages may be printed (wildcard support).

* Assign a telephone number to an on-screen button and execute controlled voice calling.

* Communicate via DDE from your own executable, and instruct the Web Commander to perform actions such as "show" - even instruct the Web Commander to play a "multimedia record".

* Trap and eliminate unwanted downloads and errors.

* Record events such as user touches, URLs accessed, and time-outs.

* and much, much more!

Dave Heyliger

Kiosks, Promos, CBT - Anything Multimedia for the PC and/or Mac.
Voice/Fax: 303.444.8822