NetKiosk News, November 1997

1) Global trends snapshot
2) Dedicated high speed ISP connections for Internet Kiosks
3) Lease financing for Internet Kiosks and Software

1) Global trends snapshot Analysing the 1000's of enquires and orders we have received over the last year a similar pattern of development has emerged. Most organisations, regardless of wether they be commercial, government or academic are setting up NetKiosk projects on a three step basis.....

Step One: The implementation of 1 to 5 NetKiosks, mainly to internally sell the concept to their own people. Step Two: To roll out 5 to 25 NetKiosks, to confirm there connectivity choice and start selling the concept on to strategic partners, third parties etc - examples of on-selling: kiosk external branding and advertising, on screen advertising, branding, page on page adverts, hotlinks, book marks, URL's, attract pages, AVI's etc Step Three: The final stage from 25 to 100's of NetKiosks

Interestingly unlike most other concepts the US market is only slightly advanced in comparison to the rest of the world market, more to do with the size of market as opposed to expertise. There is also a lot more use of LAN connectivity in the US, where as Europe is more ISDN based.

Third world countries are highly active in looking at the use of NetKiosks, in simple terms being easier to put one dedicated lease line with a NetKiosk on the it into a local community instead of the large cost of putting a telecomms infrastructure into that same community.

2) NetKiosk Dedicated ISP Service – The Faster Alternative UK - Clients

'The ultimate success of a NetKiosk is finally dependent on its speed of reaction to the user'.

Access, Log-on & Verify
NetKiosks require a seamless and instant response once the user has interfaced with the touchscreen, keyboard or mouse. A new NetKiosk dedicated ISP service has been developed to access, log-on and verify password normally in less than one second (optimum 0.4 sec). Using any other form of connectivity can take 10 to 20 seconds.

NetKiosks using BT ISDN2
This increase in speed has only been achieved by the development of a very specialist low cost - unlimited use ISP connectivity service dedicated for NetKiosks in the UK, although still using a standard BT ISDN2 connection.

Minimal local call costs
During daily use, caching of downloaded pages (in conjunction with NetShift) maintains this new high speed of viewing information pages, cutting the line drop time delay to an absolute minimum.

NetKiosk Identification
Each NetKiosk has its own email address identity which can be set, in the NetShift set-up Manager, to send back daily log statistics to one or more recipients giving full in-depth details of user browsing profiles and kiosk status.

NetKiosk User Interface
How long is a prospect going to wait in front of your NetKiosk for something to happen? Using our recommended ISP service you eliminate the risk of a slow response. What's more, this will also increase your revenue returns either through user access payments and/or sales of on screen banners, bookmarks, attract pages, hotlinks, branding, advertising etc…, uniquely available through the use of the NetShift public/corporate browser.

For further information please contact [email protected]

3) Leasing – The Better Alternative

Leasing, unlike paying the full amount beforehand, offers many attractive advantages:

Periodic payments assist cash flow.
With leasing you match payments with the expected life of the equipment by making equal monthly payments over the duration of the lease.

Cost analysis matching.
NetKiosk operating costs can be easily correlated on a weekly or monthly basis to the NetKiosk user access payments and/or the on screen advertising income.

Payments are totally predictable.
Unlike bank loans that are subject to changes in interest, leasing rates are fixed. Therefore the payments can be planned with absolute certainty.

Lease payments are tax deductible.
The monthly payment, which is a combination of principal and interest, can be completely deducted as a trading expense.

Your cash is not tied up in wasting assets.
Because of the rapidly changing nature of computing world, the software, like computing equipment, can have a very short life and become obsolete. Under a lease we would upgrade the software or we would fund the equipment, leaving you free to allocate your cash resources elsewhere in the business.

Leasing is easy to upgrade.
Agreements are very flexible, you may exchange given percentages without financial penalty.

Leasing does not require personal security.
The lease proposal can be accepted without pledging any assets. It is the product itself, which provides its own security.

Does not affect your traditional borrowing capabilities.
Being a tax efficient addition to your existing bank facilities, you can write leases without having any adverse effect on your bank lines.

Software only leasing.
The ability to lease purely new software required (minimum value of product/s 5000 pounds sterling).

For further information please contact [email protected]
All leasing subject to status.

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