CENTER> Telecom Roundup - Spyglass Opens Japan Office
(Newsbytes; 11/14/97)

NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS, U.S.A., 1997 NOV 14 (NB) -- REPEAT/By Newsbytes Staff. Spyglass [NASDAQ:SPYG] announced the opening of a office in Japan to expand the markets that it offers its technology, which lets non-traditional devices interface with the Internet and the World Wide Web.

In Japan, PC sales have become stagnant while non-PC devices, such as PDAs, office equipment, and industrial machines are expected to become Web-enabled, officials said. By opening an office in Japan, Spyglass is taking advantage of this trend to reinforce its growth expected in the Japanese market.

The Spyglass representative will be Elhiro Saishu, system engineering manager, who contributed to the development and popularization of local area networks (LANs) at Advanced Systems Technology KK.

Earlier this week, Spyglass announced that NEC licensed Spyglass' embeddable MicroServer product for its office equipment, and that negotiations with other major vendors are currently in progress.

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(19971114/Press Contacts: Randy Pitzer, 630-245-6500, or Amanda Stokes, 630-245- 6512, both of Spyglass)