(LAPTOP-SOLUTIONS) Touchscreen Upgrade for Portable Computers Needs No External Modification
(Business Wire; 11/12/97)

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 12, 1997--Laptop Solutions Inc. Wednesday

announced a new touchscreen upgrade for its Compatibility Plus line of portable computer enhancements that can be tailored to specific models so that virtually any Windows-based laptop with an active-matrix TFT screen can receive an application command by the touch of a finger or passive pen device.

The Compatibility Plus series of touchscreen upgrades, which require no external modifications, maintains standard keyboard input capability while adding convenient and rapid software execution. Some internal modifications of the portable computer are required.

The touchscreen upgrade can be applied to most portable computers usually with minor customization. It utilizes an ultra-miniature controller card, custom cabling inside the computer, a passive resistive touchscreen and custom software drivers for each software operating system.

Drawing less than 5 milliwatts, the upgrade has virtually no impact on the unit's battery life.

"While the widespread use of laptops and notebooks for executives, field sales and field service personnel is becoming a standard for most large companies, the issue of how to get these personnel up and running quickly is an ongoing problem," said Ken Duckman, Laptop Solutions' Chief Executive Officer.

"The complexity and length of the learning curve demanded by today's sophisticated operating systems and applications can be mitigated or, in many cases, avoided by the application of our touchscreen.

"It is our belief that this capability will become increasingly popular for large field automation rollouts over the coming years."

One Laptop Solutions customer, Physician Sales & Service Inc. of Jacksonville, Fla., is a leading national medical supply distributor employing more than 800 sales consultants who call on 92,000 medical practice offices every week.

For the past year, 400 of them have been equipped with a touchscreen upgrade on their Texas Instruments TravelMate 5200 notebook computers, according to Mark Peterson, PSS Icon Leader.

"Since converting from pen-based systems a few years ago, we have received great benefit from the Laptop Solutions touchscreen upgrade," Peterson reported.

"First of all, you can't lose a finger like you can a pen, and secondly, we save the $90 price of replacing each pen.

"We have enjoyed our relationship with Laptop Solutions and their touchscreen upgrade has been well worth the investment."

The Compatibility Plus touchscreen upgrade is marketed primarily through OEMs, as well as through the company's direct sales force, dealers and system integrators. Prices start at $450.

The other members of the Compatibility Plus line of accessories, peripherals and enhancement products for portable computer users include removable hard drive packs, vehicle mounting systems and the CV/AR 2000 anti- reflective film upgrade.

With headquarters in Houston, and offices in New Jersey and Irvine, Laptop Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Enhanced Services Company


In addition to the Compatibility Plus line of products, Laptop Solutions designs, develops, sells, installs, services and maintains laptop and notebook computer upgrades and enhancements.

The company also provides maintenance, repair and field automation project services. -0-

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