MICROTOUCH: MicroTouch introduces new touch enabled prospector web browser for public information kiosks
(M2 Presswire; 11/25/97)
M2 PRESSWIRE-24 November 1997-MICROTOUCH: MicroTouch introduces new touch enabled prospector web browser for public information kiosks (C)1994-97 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD

MicroTouch, worldwide leader in touchscreen technology, introduced today the first ever World Wide Web browser interface designed to allow easy web access for touchscreen-based public information kiosks. The Prospector allows an inexperienced Internet user to surf the web at the touch of a finger. Ideal for use in all types of public information kiosks, the Prospector allows a company's existing website to be easily adapted for touchscreen access, opening up endless possibilities for companies to make their websites accessible to the general public. This development is set to boost the use of information kiosks in a host of public environments, such as banks, railway stations, airports, waiting rooms, department stores.

"Over the last two or three years companies have invested millions of pounds in developing their corporate websites but until now they have not been able to reap the potential of the Web for marketing to a wider audience", said Robin Dyer. Product Marketing Manager at MicroTouch Europe Prospector allows companies to reach the general public via this exciting and easy-to-use technology.

Prospector 3.0, co-developed with US award-winning touchscreeen software specialist Lexitech Inc, allows companies to use their existing Web sites as touchscreen-enabled applications. Via it's special surf control feature, it restricts web access only to those pages a company wishes the general public to visit - making it an excellent marketing tool. Designed for use with Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Prospector is client-only software, so there is no server software to load or manage, and no Web site modifications are needed. Other Internet Explorer applications, including Java and AcitveX, as well as websites created with frames, run seamlessly with Prospector. As a result, the Prospector kiosk application is always as current as the Web site - without worries of software distribution and kiosk maintenance. Users can download an evaluation copy of Prospector version 3.0 from MicroTouch's website at www.microtouch.com

Easy to use and public friendly

Prospector 3.0 includes a complete set of features to provide Web access from a touchscreen- equipped PC kiosk. Key features include:

Interface optimized for touch - Prospector remaps the browser interface enabling it for touch useage. Buttons are fewer and larger - making it unintimidating for the general public to use - and can be easily customised to suit a particular company's needs.

Touch keyboard - Prospector includes a "touch keyboard" where users touch an on-screen keyboard to enter alphanumeric information, such as name or address details. This is ideal for "guestbook" sections of the Web site or for entering sales orders.

SurfControl - Prospector allows a company to limit the number Of websites or webpages which are accessible - thereby making it impossible to enter unapproved URLs.

Pricing and Availability

Prospector 3.0 is available immediately for Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 and operates in conjunction with virtually any touchscreen-enabled personal computer or kiosk design. Prospector licenses begin at $249 for a single license; additional licenses are just $89.

About MicroTouch

Founded in 1982, MicroTouch Systems is the world's leading manufacturer of computer touch input devices and related software. MicroTouch is headquartered in the US, with its European headquarters in Abingdon, Oxfordshire and others in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Australia. A public company, MicroTouch reported sales of $95 million in 1996, an increase of 24% over 1995. Using advanced capacitive and resistive technologies, MicroTouch's robust products are used in numerous applications as diverse as factory floor, point-of-sale, medical, gaming, multimedia, and computer-based training (CBT).

About Lexitech, Inc.

Lexitech is headquartered in Branford, Connecticut, USA. A pioneer in the interactive industry, Lexitech is an innovator in new media solutions, Internet solutions, Intranet solutions, and Web publishing that allow marketers to provide information directly and efficiently to their customers. Since 1983,

Lexitech has created more than 200 self-service, interactive applications for worldwide clients including Microsoft, the US Postal Service, FujiFilm, and 15 US state governments. (web address: www.lexitech.com)

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