MOTION MEDIA: Stand-alone ISDN videoconferencing system is first to break GBP 1,000 price barrier

(M2 Presswire; 11/25/97)

M2 PRESSWIRE-24 November 1997-MOTION MEDIA: Stand-alone ISDN videoconferencing system is first to break GBP 1,000 price barrier (C)1994-97 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD

* Videoconferencing now affordable for all businesses

Motion Media Technology has launched the first ISDN-based stand-alone video conferencing system costing less than #1,000. Competitive systems cost at least three times this price and the company is confident that its mm120 product will open up videoconferencing to a far wider business market.

The mm120 consists of a portable set top box measuring only 28cm x 20cm x 6 cm and a separate camera. Designed for use with standard TV sets, it works on the international H.320 ISDN videoconferencing standard making it fully compatible with most existing videoconferencing systems, PC desktop systems and H.320 videophones.

Motion Media's marketing director, David Sykes, stated: "For less than the cost of a PC, the mm120 now enables businesses, both large and small, to take advantage of low cost videoconferencing. Videoconferencing will rapidly become a standard meeting room facility along with overhead projectors and white boards."

The mm120 is portable and very simple to use; the only connections needed are to a normal TV set and an ISDN line. All operations, including dialling and camera control, are made using a remote control handset.

As standard, the mm120 comes with a fixed camera and a built-in microphone. The high-end model, mm120-C, includes a movable camera which can be operated through the remote control. The camera also features an auto-tracking mode which tracks the moving subject, and user-settable preset positions which can be used to switch between conference participants.

The mm120 offers a CIF (352 x 288 pixel) resolution at up to 15 frames per second and a QCIF resolution (176 x 144 pixel) resolution at up to 30 frames per second. The system can accept video inputs from external cameras, documents cameras, camcorders and VCRs, and can switch between inputs during a call.

A significant feature of the mm120 is its ability to be connected to a PC in order to support industry standard (T.120) data sharing, for example, via Microsoft NetMeeting. This enables all parties to the video conference to share applications and work together on documents such as spreadsheets; to share ideas using electronic whiteboards; and to share clipboard and file transfer facilities.

The price of the mm120 starts at #850 without camera and #995 with the standard camera. The systems are now available from stock via Motion Media's distributors.

Motion Media Technology Background Information

Motion Media Technology Limited is a British company designing and selling video telephony products for mass markets. It was founded in 1993 by a group of eight engineers with many years' experience of designing complex video

processing systems and introducing these products into new markets. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Motion Media PLC, whose shares have been quoted on OFEX since May 1996.

Motion Media's OEM products include a range of PC addin and embedded video telephony boards suited for applications including video conferencing and telephony, kiosks, video servers, telemedicine, security and surveillance.

Motion Media's end-user product range includes TV and PC-based videoconferencing systems for individuals and groups, and the mm220 ISDN videophone.

CONTACT: Richard Boulton, Motion Media Technology Ltd. Tel: +44 (0)1454 313 444 WWW: Geoff Boyes, EML, Tel: +44 (0)181 547 3955