For Immediate Release
Julia Simms Public Relations - December 1, 1997

iCom Network Installs Internet Kiosks in
San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina

SAN DIEGO, CA - iCom Network has announced it has installed its 65th dollar bill / credit card-operated NetSite Kiosk in the San Diego Marriot Hotel and Marina in downtown San Diego. According to iCom president Eric Wagner, the new computer is a "tri-kiosk", offering Internet accessibility to three users at once.

This 65th NetSite kiosk location is a joint-venture between iCom and Tom Tighe of Cybernet Centers, Inc.

"NetSite Kiosks bring the Internet's wealth of resources to business travelers and vacationers who don't have access to a computer," said Wagner. "The latest fluctuations in the stock market, home team sports scores, and e-mail can easily be monitored."

"This location marks the first time we have used this special three-in-one design," continued Wagner. "I am confident that it will be extremely well-received by the public. After all, even the most novice computer user can log on to a NetSite Kiosk by simply inserting a dollar bill or credit card."

With NetSites now located in coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, youth hostels and copy service centers throughout Southern California, San Diego-based iCom Network has made the Internet accessible to the community at large. At a cost of only $1 for several minutes, students, business travelers and those without home computers can easily surf all corners of the World Wide Web, conduct research, play games, and send and receive e-mail from wherever they are.

After logging on to the NetSite Kiosk, the user is presented with a welcome screen and three options: "Send/Receive E-mail," "America Online" and "Surf the Internet." The latter choice presents the user with the NetSite homepage featuring 10 online categories from which to begin exploring. From Money and Music to Sports, Games, Chat and News, the possibilities are nearly endless.

iCom Network was founded in January 1997 by Wagner, a young entrepreneur who had already run four successful businesses. Wagner began production of his NetSite Kiosks in January of this year and installed the first machine in a Pacific Beach coffee shop in March.

In a savvy business marketing move, iCom Network has established a handsome profit participation plan for NetSite location owners, making it very attractive for business owners to have a NetSite Kiosk in their place of business. iCom bears the responsibility for all installation, servicing and repair costs. In addition, business owners are not bothered by users' questions, as the iCom customer service staff is available via a toll-free phone number. Charter location owners have reported increased traffic in their stores with much more repeat business. Some owners have even requested a second NetSite machine for their place of business.

With computers that resemble video arcade games and state-of-the-art ISDN phone lines connected to most machines, iCom Network has plans to be the nation's No. 1 provider of public Internet access via dollar-bill and credit card-operated machines. The kiosks are equipped with high-speed Pentium microprocessors and 17-inch monitors of the highest quality. Plans are under way to place NetSite Kiosks in national restaurant chain locations, additional hotels, airports and convention centers.

For information on how to get a NetSite Kiosk installed in your business or for a listing of NetSite locations call 1.800.575.2771 or visit iCom's website at