(RAYCHEM)(RYC) Elo TouchSystems Takes the Lead in Developing USB Solutions for the Touch Market
(Business Wire; 12/01/97)

FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 1, 1997--Elo TouchSystems, Inc., the world leader in touchscreen technology and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Raychem Corporation (NYSE:RYC), has successfully developed "plug and play" touch systems that use universal serial bus (USB) architecture, the new standard interface for easily connecting multiple peripherals to PCs.

"With USB, our customers will simply plug in a touchscreen and be off and running," said Elo's Vice President of Technology Steve DeLateur. "This is a major improvement over today's more complex integration requirements for touch."

USB will be fully implemented with the introduction of Microsoft's Windows 98 operating system software which hits the market in the second quarter of 1998, and with the release of Windows NT 5.0 which comes out later in the same year.

"Elo's extensive work with Microsoft, Intel and other leaders in USB, illustrates our leadership in bringing touch technology to the mainstream," said DeLateur. "We are committed to producing successful implementations of USB-compliant touch solutions because we know they will make life easier for our customers."

USB makes PC peripheral connection automatic by overcoming PC peripheral port limitations and simplifying the installation process. The technology eliminates the need for users to open the PC to install an add-in card, set DIP switches, or configure IRQ settings.

For nearly three years, Elo has been a member of the USB Implementers Forum, a consortium of PC, peripheral and software manufacturers who are driving the development of USB. Members meet regularly, test and verify their products for full USB compliance.

Elo is aiming to introduce its first commercially available USB product when supporting operating system software is available.

For more information on USB-compliant touch solutions, contact Elo TouchSystems at 800/ELO-TOUCH (800/356-8682). Information about other Elo products, is available by calling 800/ELO-TOUCH or visit Elo's Web site at http://www.elotouch.com . Direct electronic mail inquiries to [email protected] . -0-

Elo TouchSystems, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets touchscreen technology and products to simplify computers for users worldwide. Founded in 1971, the company operates R&D and manufacturing centers in Fremont, California and Freising, Germany. Elo TouchSystems is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Raychem Corporation (NYSE:RYC). For more information on Elo's products and services, call 800/ELOTOUCH (800/356-8682) or visit Elo's Web site at http://www.elotouch.com . Electronic mail should be directed to [email protected] .

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