Like Comdex in November, Microsoft will utilize Lexitech NetKey for their

booth kiosks at Internet World in New York. These multimedia, internet kiosks provide product information and a show Road Map for the customer through Microsoft's web site. Additionally, our custom E-mE feature allows users to send themselves, via e-mail, the URL's they wish to visit again when they return to their offices. For Microsoft, the NetKey kiosks provide lead generation through a bar code scanner, direct users to the proper location within the Microsoft booth, and prevents users from surfing other sites.

Lexitech's NetKey (patent pending) software provides the tools to develop a fully customized Internet/Intranet kiosk. Thousands of organizations including corporations, government agencies, and universities are using NetKey to capitalize on their investment in Internet/Intranet technology and push their points of service beyond traditional outlets to help customers help themselves.

Paul W. Blodgett
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