(NCR/CYBERFLYER)(NCR) CyberFlyer, NCR Team to Provide Public Internet Access
(Business Wire; 12/02/97)
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DAYTON, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 2, 1997--

Partnership Will Boost Unique NetStation Availability Worldwide

NCR Corporation and CyberFlyer Technologies are teaming up to provide data- hungry travelers with public Internet access booths, or NetStations, to be deployed in airports and other high-traffic locations around the world.

Under the agreement, NCR and CyberFlyer will jointly market and sell public Internet access kiosks to companies in all industries to position in high- traffic places. The easy-to-use kiosks not only enable companies to highlight their unique branding, but also provide a low-cost, high-impact alternative sales and marketing channel for the fast-paced marketplace of today.

"By offering a turnkey public Internet access solution, NCR and CyberFlyer make it easy for airports, hotels and other high traffic facilities to offer this valuable service to their customers - while creating a new revenue source at the same time," said Julie Jacobs, president and CEO of CyberFlyer Technologies. "The partnership also allows us to work with NCR, the world leader in self-service terminals, to expand the functionality of its other services, such as smart cards, ATMs and stand-alone informational kiosks."

As part of the agreement, NCR will supply the interactive kiosks, including two-way video communication links to company call centers, credit/debit charge card purchases, cash and check acceptance and verification, printers and digital video advertising. NCR will also provide implementation and networking services. CyberFlyer will create customer local content, sign up service providers, sell online advertising, and coordinate day-to-day management with facilities managers.

Some of the services on the NCR/Cyberflyer public Internet access kiosks could include:

-- Personal E-mail Access - Ability to send, retrieve and forward electronic mail from all major e-mail service providers and corporate intranets
-- Travel Information - Ability to make flight reservations and review airline schedules -- Business Travelers' Services - Access to business centers and electronic banking services -- World Wide Web Linkages - Access to travel, business and recreation sites, plus local weather, activities and restaurants -- Airport Information - Access to maps and a directory of services -- Online Entertainment and Games

"CyberFlyer's unique approach to channeling Web-based content, advertising and a variety of specialized business service applications has quickly become the preferred delivery channel for the public Internet access market," said Janet McKenzie, director of NCR's Electronic Commerce Solutions for the Communications Industry. "We view this partnership as a way to provide consumer and business-to-business services to the growing e-commerce market."

NCR is working with the largest telecommunications, financial and retail companies around the world to implement the next generation of electronic commerce solutions to conduct business over the Internet. The company, with headquarters in Dayton, Ohio, has 38,000 employees, including 20,000 service professionals in 1,100 locations and 130 countries. NCR solutions help improve businesses by turning customer information into results, protecting existing information technology investments, reducing risks and helping to ensure success. More information on NCR can be found on the World Wide Web: http://www.ncr.com.

Founded in 1996, CyberFlyer Technologies offers the Web's first extension of e-mail, content, advertising and e commerce services to the public access market. CyberFlyer Technology Network (CTN) offers topic-based channels of information where consumers can check stock, news, flight and local content, entertainment guides, email services in high traffic access locations. Together with NCR, CTN is providing businesses with an expanded new platform for intranet hosting services of new applications and services for the telecommunication, retail, airline and financial industries to implement the next generation of electronic commerce solutions in public access NetStations and self-service terminals. -0-

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