Getting Lucky

Inter-Act Systems signs stores for kiosk network.

Inter-Act Systems, Norwalk, CT, has signed Lucky Stores for Inter-Act Loyalty Network, whose in-store kiosks use grocers' loyalty cards to trigger promotional offers. Shoppers swipe their card; the kiosk reviews the household purchase data to present customized offers on-screen. Shoppers touch the screen to choose offers and print out a shopping list.

The addition of 358 Lucky Stores in northern and southern California brings is part of a multi-year pact Inter-Act signed with American stores.

It is now under contract to equip some 3,600 stores across the country, and coo Richard Vinchesi says Inter-Act hopes to have full-market coverage in six cities by year's end with a total of about 2,000 machines. In Philadelphia, its strongest market, Inter-Act reaches about 40 percent ACV. Inter-Act has targeted the Carolinas for its next expansion. Lucky is the third American Stores division to take on Inter-Act, joining Jewel Stores, Chicago, and Acme, Philadelphia.