DENVER, Dec. 10 /PRNewswire/ Navidec Inc. (Nasdaq: NVDC, NVDCW), a leading provider of products and services that integrate commerce and technology, announced today that it has developed and launched the first interactive kiosk to aid motorists traveling on Colorado roadways. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) kiosk, activated this month at the Cuerno Verde visitor center 20 miles south of Pueblo, supplies travelers with current road and weather conditions and details in construction delays.

"As evidenced by the October blizzard, winter's easiest target is the traveler. This kiosk is aimed at the many travelers who pass through the Pueblo area. Now motorists can check weather and road conditions on Monument Hill or Raton Pass at the touch of a screen, all from the visitor's center," said Mike Franklin of Navidec.

Navidec's WebTouch software enables the kiosk to be Web-based, which means it presents current information from CDOT's Web site at, rather than housing information that would require independent updates. For example, when the CDOT Web site is updated with the latest weather and road news and conditions, the kiosk automatically updates to reflect those changes.

"We've been able to extend the reach and usefulness of the information from the CDOT Web site to motorists who don't have Internet access, by using WebTouch and a touch-screen kiosk." Franklin added, "WebTouch gives the CDOT kiosk a window to the Internet, allowing us to display CDOT Web site information at a location where it's in high demand."

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