(ELO-TOUCHSYSTEMS)(RYC) Elo TouchSystems Upgrades Its Web Enabler Software for Superior Kiosk Solutions

Elo TouchSystems, Inc., the world leader in touchscreen technology and wholly-owned subsidiary of Raychem Corporation (NYSE:RYC), has announced a new version of its revolutionary TouchTools(TM) Web Enabler kiosk design software which supports the latest versions of the two most popular browsers, delivers the high resolution necessary for large screen monitors, and provides a built- in local "multimedia player" for easy creation of presentations and attraction loops.

Elo's Web Enabler, a 32-bit, self-contained Windows95/Windows NT application, is a software tool which turns existing Web sites into touch- driven applications for remote public access kiosks, tradeshow demonstrations and laptop sales presentations. Web Enabler also gives customers the power to focus kiosk users' attention only on select products or services by controlling what sites users can "surf," while monitoring users' actions.

The software, initially developed by Rocky Mountain Multimedia, Inc., acts as an overlay interface to the user's existing Internet browser and lets users replace standard browser controls with easy-to-use, customizable control panels. When combined with an Elo TouchSystems touchscreen, Web Enabler allows users with no computer experience to navigate through kiosk presentations using just their fingers.

"We are committed to serving the rapidly expanding kiosk market with innovative touchscreen products, like Web Enabler, that help companies maximize their kiosk investments," said Mike Lewis, product manager for the Web Enabler development group. "This latest release of Web Enabler furthers that commitment by giving kiosk developers greater design flexibility as well as the ability to take advantage of the most powerful browser features on the market today."

Web Enabler 3.0 supports the latest versions of both Netscape Navigator (version 4.0 and lower) and Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 4.0 and lower). All the new features of these browsers are instantly and transparently inherited by Web Enabler 3.0.

Elo TouchSystems also upgraded Web Enabler's video resolution from 800 x 600 to 1028 x 768 in order to accommodate the video requirements of large screen monitors.

The new Web Enabler also contains a powerful, flexible, built-in local "multimedia player" that enables users easily to create and design local multimedia presentations and attraction loops.

Web Enabler 3.0 also includes the following new features:

-- The ability to create "banner ads" at the top of the screen

-- A "helper application" which allows external applications to control Web Enabler's properties

-- The ability for the developer to create executable files to control Web Enabler's properties

-- Support of GIF and JPG file formats, in addition to BMPs

-- Mouse click sensing to keep Web Enabler in monitor mode when the user is interacting with HTML pages

-- An upgrade of source code to Visual Basic 5.0 for true compiled code

-- Protection software to lock the hard drive

System requirements for Web Enabler v.3.0 are: a minimum of 16MB of memory, Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0, Netscape Navigator 2.0+ or Internet Explorer 3.0+, and at least 10MB of free disk space. A Pentium 100+ MHz processor is preferred. The system must be in 800 x 600 or 1028 x 768 video resolution mode at 16-bit color depth.

TouchTools Web Enabler is priced at $250.00 with volume discounts available. Additional licenses may be purchased at $75.00 per copy charge. Version 3.0 will be available on the Elo TouchSystems Web site after Nov. 17, 1997.

For more information and a FREE CD-ROM (30-day trial), contact Elo TouchSystems at 800-ELO-TOUCH (800-356-8682) or visit Elo's Web site at http://www.elotouch.com . Direct electronic mail inquiries to [email protected] .

Elo TouchSystems

Elo TouchSystems, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets touchscreen technology and products to simplify computers for users worldwide. Founded in 1971, the company operates R&D and manufacturing centers in Fremont, California, and Freising, Germany. Elo TouchSystems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Raychem Corporation.

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