Internet Kiosk Survey

Internet Kiosk developers and integrators: if you have successfully deployed internet kiosks you are requested to complete our survey so that your solutions can be included in Summit Research Associates' upcoming report on the subject. Your company will have an opportunity to be showcased so print-quality images of enclosures and screen shots are also requested. All who complete the survey will be entitled to a Substantial Discount off the price of the report. Contact [email protected]

We are in the process of completing our research into the very HOT
Internet kiosk marketplace.  Our next report will come out in late
January, 1998 and has already generated considerable interest. We hope
to cover your company's efforts in considerable detail but need your
help.  The more information you can provide, the more complete your
coverage will be.  I realize I'm asking a lot, but please take a few
moments to fill in the answers to these questions and email them back to
me as soon as possible.  If you are able, could you also send (snail
mail will do) a TIFF (or other print-quality) file or two of a
representative screen that the user would see?  It will be reproduced in
its entirety, thereby offering yet another opportunity to "show your

Thanks for all your help.  Please contact me ([email protected]) or
301-670-0980 if you have any questions or if I can provide any

Francie Mendelsohn
President, Summit Research Associates, Inc.
7728 Warbler Lane
Rockville, MD 20855-1034

INTERNET KIOSK QUESTIONNAIRE (Provide answers as of January 31, 1998)
TRADE NAME OF KIOSK__________________________________
	Standalone Units:  Single User__________  Multiple 	Users_____________
	Wall-mounted Units_____________ 
LOCATIONS :  Library____________ Office Building___________
	Hotel rooms___________ Restaurants/bars_____________
	Lobbies___________   Airports_______________ Other______________ 
INTERNET CONNECTION: 28.8_____ 33.6______ 56KB______ISDN_______
	T-1________   T-3__________ Other____________
	How many Communications Lines are connected to the 
SIGNON PROCEDURE: Credit Card Verification______ Encryption_____ 
	Special Routines for Credit Card Theft Detection? 
	Credit Authorization by Separate Phone Line? 	(Y/N)________________
	Credit Authorization Handled Locally or 	Remotely?_________________
HARDWARE MANUFACTURER: PC/NC_____________ Monitor______________
	Printer______________ Keyboard__________ Pointing 	Device____________
	Touchscreen_______________ Enclosure_______________
USER FEES:  Per Minute____________ Per Day_______________
FREE SITES (Y/N): email____________ Advertisers 
USAGE PATTERNS (%):  email________ WWW__________ Others (list)________
	Period of the Day Most Heavily Used_______________
	Average Number of Users Per: Month_______Day______ Hour______
	Average Length of Time User Stays at Kiosk_______________
	Any Available Demographic Information ______________________
	User Survey at Conclusion?__________________
TYPE OF PAYMENT ACCEPTED (Y/N): Visa_______ MasterCard _______ 
	AmEx _______  Other______________
	Smart Card_______  ATM_________ Debit Card________ Cash_______
VIDEO (Y/N)________    Type_______________ Full-Screen_________
	Where used?_______________Special Interface Devices? (CDI, DVD)________

AUDIO (Y/N)________  Type______________
TELEPHONE (Y/N)_____________

REMOTE MONITORING: (Y/N) How is it handled?___________________________
	Can Unit be Accessed by Your LAN?__________

INTERFACE:  Proprietary/Name_____________ Netscape___________
	Internet Explorer______________ Other_______________
	Are DATABASES used?(Y/N)______Kiosk/Database 	Connectivity?(Y/N)____
	Which Database is used?_________________________

PARTNERSHIPS: Telcos ________ Hotel Chains________ Other (List) _________

ADVERTISERS?(Y/N)________  Names____________________

TYPES OF APPLICATIONS (Please List)____________________

CUSTOMERS (Please List)

"RED TAPE" ENCOUNTERED__________________________________

	How is it handled and by whom?_____________
	Who services the Unit?____________________
	Who adds Paper/Toner, etc?_______________

COST PER UNIT_________________________

TOP 3 DEVELOPMENT ISSUES Faced______________________
TOP 3 DESIGN OBJECTIVES______________________
TOP 3 USER CONCERNS____________________

FUTURE PLANS _______________________________

	What are your Kiosk's Special Capabilities?_________________
	What Differentiates your Units from the Competition?_____________
	Who are your Top 3 Competitors?___________________

end of survey