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TOKYO, JAPAN, 1997 JUL 25 (NB) -- By Martyn Williams. This is a

roundup of new and updated resources and services on the global

Internet including: Internet live - sports weekend; Internet live

- Major League Baseball; Internet live - music weekend; Internet

live - live music chat on Sunday; maps on them; making e-mail

access easier; WhoWhere adds financial information; help for

mailing list administrators; corporate information links; testing

the blocking software; Family Central Web site; new Request For

Comments published; new software - WebSite director.

Internet Live - Sports Weekend

The Tour de France reaches its climax this weekend, with the end of

the race on Sunday. Catch it all daily from 3pm EDT (12pm PDT, 1900

UTC) at the first address. On Friday night, you can hear the

Orlando Predators vs. Nashville Kats in Arena Football, at 8pm EDT

(5pm PDT, 0000 UTC Saturday). On Saturday at 4:30pm EDT (1:30pm

PDT, 2030 UTC) you can hear North Texas vs. Long Beach State in Big

West Women's Volleyball. In the Continental Indoor Soccer League,

the Dallas Sidekicks play Washington Warthogs on Saturday at 7pm

EDT (4pm PDT, 2300 UTC) and Dallas Sidekicks play Houston Hotshots

on Sunday at 8pm EDT (5pm EDT, 0000 UTC Monday). World Wide Web:

http://www.audionet.com/sports/tourdefrance/ World Wide Web:

http://www.audionet.com/sports/arenafootball/predators/ World Wide

Web: http://www.audionet.com/radio/contemporary/crn/ World Wide

Web: http://www.audionet.com/sports/soccer/cisl/sidekicks/

Internet Live - Major League Baseball

This weekend in MLB action, it's the Baltimore Orioles vs.

Minnesota Twins on Friday at 8pm EDT (5pm PDT, 0000 UTC Saturday),

San Francisco Giants vs. Pittsburgh Pirates on Saturday at 4pm EDT

(1pm PDT, 2000 UTC) and Texas Rangers vs. Chicago White Sox on

Sunday at 8pm EDT (5pm PDT, 0000 UTC Monday). World Wide Web:

http://www.audionet.com/sports/mlb/orioles/ World Wide Web:

http://www.audionet.com/sports/mlb/giants/ World Wide Web:

http://www.texasrangerslive.com/ World Wide Web:


Internet Live - Music Weekend

The Warped Tour continues this weekend with coverage of the all-day

music event on Friday from New York and on Sunday from Washington,

DC. Both days, coverage begins at 3pm EDT (12pm PDT, 1900 UTC).

Sister 7 plays their eclectic mix of neo-hippy funk rock live from

Trees in Dallas, Texas, on Saturday night at 12:45am EDT Sunday

(9:45pm PDT, 0445 UTC). World Wide Web:

http://www.audionet.com/concerts/warped97/ World Wide Web:


Internet Live - Live Music Chat On Sunday

BRAD (Regan Hagar and Shawn Smith of Satchel and Stone Gossard of

Pearl Jam) and VERBOW (new album "Chronicles" produced by indie

legend Bob Mould) will be live online for Siren Spotlight this

Sunday, July 27th at 9pm EDT (6pm PDT, 0100 UTC Monday). The event

will include RealAudio and RealVideo live concert broadcasts,

online interviews and chats. World Wide Web:


Maps On Them!

The new Maps On Us site from Lucent Technologies lets users access

integrated maps, directions and yellow pages all-in-one. You can

set place markers for locations like your home, work of favorite

places; carry out route planning between two points with multiple

intermediate points; detailed maps of each turn; the choice of the

fastest or shortest route or to favor or avoid highways; and a

comprehensive yellow pages with more than 11 million entries

nationwide. A nice feature is text-to-speech processing that will

read you your route. World Wide Web: http://www.mapsonus.com

Making E-mail Access Easier

The Internet MailBox Company has unveiled some new additions to its

Web-based e-mail service. The centerpiece of this new suite of

services is iWebMail, a Web-based interface that allows access to

any POP3 email account, from anywhere, via the Internet.

Subscribers who can access the Web (e.g. from an airport kiosk,

cybercafe or somewhere else), can retrieve, view, delete and

respond to messages on any POP3 email account, anywhere. There's

also Routable Inbox which allows incoming messages to be delivered

anywhere, and the destination can be changed at anytime. The

service is subscription based. World Wide Web:


WhoWhere Adds Financial Information

The WhoWhere e-mail directory has added the Reuters Investor

service to its Web site. The new service allows users to access to

research accurate, up-to-date information on the U.S. financial

market. The new content is part of the site's ambition to become

"the most complete, comprehensive and easy-to-use guide for

business professionals on the Internet." World Wide Web:


Help For Mailing List Administrators

If you run a mailing list, or several, here's a new mailing list

for you. The E-Publisher's Digest is a free moderated discussion

list for the people behind them: list moderators, owners and

publishers. According to the moderator, "E-Publisher's Digest gives

e-publishers a place to go for assistance, information, and moral

support." The Web site has subscription details, but no archives.

World Wide Web: http://www.mmgco.com/e-pub/

Corporate Information Links

This is not a new site, it used to reside on a personal home page

on Netcom, but has greatly expanded and now has its own domain

name. The Corporate Information site has a vast amount of links to

all sorts of business and financial information resources on the

Internet. Everything is organized by nation and you can find

resources as diverse as information on the largest publicly traded

US companies and updates on the Tehran stock market. World Wide

Web: http://www.corporateinformation.com

Testing The Blocking Software

The Netly News has a page that allows people to run searches

through the databases of some of the major blocking software. The

page allows you to run a domain name and sub-directory through the

engine to see if they are blocked. SurfWatch also has a page which

lets users query its database to see what is and is not available.

World Wide Web:

http://cgi.pathfinder.com/netly/spoofcentral/censored/ World Wide

Web: http://fido.siv.spyglass.com/testasite/

Family Central Web Site

The Family Central Web site is modeled after as a cyber-house and

uses everyday metaphors to make it easy to navigate the site. The

weather vane leads to weather, the telescope leads to science, etc.

The cyber rooms have Internet links, news and information ranging

from infant care, fitness and family games to pets, camping and

nature. World Wide Web: http://www.familycentral.com

New Request For Comments Published

A new Request For Comments, RFC 2180 on IMAP 4 Multi-Accessed

Mailbox Practice, has been published. The document holds memo

status and is now available from the location listed. Anonymous

FTP: ftp://ds.internic.net/rfc/rfc2180.txt

New Software - WebSite Director

WebSite Director is a new Web management software package that runs

on several popular Unix platforms, including Linux, FreeBSD,

Solaris, SunOS, and HP-UX. WebSite Director manages each step of

the process of updating Web sites and is now available as part of

the beta test. World Wide Web: http://www.asi.org

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