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***Kiosk Industry News***
***Lexitech NetKey News Flash***
***Client Case Study***
***NetKey Usage Tip***

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***Kiosk Industry News***

"IDC Predicts Major Web Portal Shakeout, Men Become the New Internet
Minority and Web Access in Retail Stores". See
http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/981230/ma_idc_pre_1.html for more information.

***Lexitech NetKey News Flash***

NetKey Jumpstart programs make big splash.  The response to Lexitech's
NetKey jumpstart programs has been outstanding.  Clients now have several
low cost options for custom public-browser solutions.  Tailored to meet the
needs of organizations with various resources and capabilities, our programs
offer a range of customization and affordability.  More information is
available at http://www.lexitech.com/netkey/jump1.htm

***Client Case Study***

Trade Show Booth Application - Microsoft Comdex

14,000 additional qualified leads!

Trade shows are all about lead generation, and NetKey kiosks are the best
way to beat your competitors.  Using 30 self-service terminals, Lexitech's
NetKey kiosk application at Comdex show produced record lead generation
results for Microsoft Corporation.  Attendees were given the ability to
research partners, prepare a show specific Road Map, and access all of
Microsoft.com by using the terminals.

Lexitech's NetKey Enterprise Event Services can help automated your lead
collection at these shows.  Lexitech has developed a system allowing users
to manually enter lead information or to swipe their registration cards to
input the data.  Lexitech NetKey Event Service system then tracks users
through your web application, giving you better qualified leads.

***NetKey Usage Tip***

Problem:  How can I garner information about my kiosk users?

Solution:  NetKey allows you to log all events which take place at the kiosk
in two ways.

1. The client software provides a logging feature that creates a log file of
kiosk events.  Use this log file to see which sites your users are visiting
and how long users spend at the units.

2. For more advanced data collection, talk to us about NetKey Enterprise's
customer information capture.  Using card swipes, bar codes, or user entry,
Lexitech has built the tools to allow you to generate a complete lead
database of your users including sites visited, time spent, kiosk location,
and activities (print, view, e-mail) performed.  The database created can in
turn be imported directly into your sales management system.

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