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CNF Introduces Universal Port Replicator for Notebook Computers; theBUS Allows Any Notebook Computer to Easily Attach to Desktop Peripherals
(Business Wire; 06/15/98)

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 15, 1998--CNF, Inc, a leading 
designer and manufacturer of mobile products, today announced theBUS(TM), a 
universal port replicator for virtually any notebook computer. 

     theBUS, based on CNF's patented Digitari(TM) technology, is the first in a 
line of products the company will introduce to meet the needs of anyone seeking 
an alternative to costly, proprietary docking solutions.

     "Most people want notebooks for the convenience of mobility, but when in 
the office they want to connect quickly," said Dan Rudich, vice president of 
marketing. "theBUS is an easy and cost effective way for mobile users to gain 
the benefits of an extended desktop PC from their notebook whether they are in 
the office, a conference room or on the road."

     This lightweight unit has a smaller footprint than most port replicators 
and can sit vertically on the desktop or horizontally beneath the notebook, 
freeing users from hassling with a mire of cables. Users simply plug any brand 
or model of industry-standard peripherals into theBUS, and connect theBUS to 
their notebook computer through the attached Type-II PCMCIA card. -0- 

Ports on theBUS

--   Video: theBUS is equipped with 2MB of video ram and allows users
     to connect the type and size computer monitor they want on their
     desks. It also allows users to connect video projection systems
     to their notebook.

--   Serial: The serial port allows users to connect other products
     such as external modems, Palm Pilots, scanners, trackballs and
     others that utilize the serial port.

--   Keyboard: For use with full functioning extended keyboards.

--   Mouse: For use with any brand of mouse.

--   Parallel: For use with any brand of printer, or other parallel
     equipped device such as Zip drives.

     Today, many notebook computer buyers from the corporate and consumer 
sectors are forced to purchase expensive proprietary port replicators or 
docking stations directly from notebook manufacturers. Often buyers find that 
the manufacturer does not make a compatible port replicator leaving them with 
no alternative solution. theBUS allows any notebook computer, including sub-
notebooks, with a Type-II PCMCIA slot to have access to desktop products.

     "Corporate buyers benefit by being able to standardize on one brand of 
port replicator rather than having to throw-out and replace units every time a 
new notebook vendor is selected," said Rudich. "theBUS offers a great return on 
investment while addressing the growing trend toward cost-effective universal 

     theBUS is an ideal docking solution for environments where many brands of 
notebooks are used. Some examples would be, kiosks, hotel rooms, guest offices, 
lobbies and conference centers.

     theBUS will be available in early third quarter of 1998 for $199 (MSRP) 
through major distributors, resellers and retail outlets. theBUS will be 
available in School Bus Yellow or Transit Black.

About Digitari Technology

     In order to provide port replicators and docking stations that work 
universally with virtually any notebook computer, CNF developed its Digitari 
Technology. Digitari combines a specially designed chip on theBUS, cable and 
PCMCIA card giving theBUS its universal abilities.

About CNF Inc.

     CNF, Inc. is a leading developer of portable solutions that "let people be 
as mobile as they want to be." The company's patented technologies have been 
incorporated into mobile products since 1988. The CNF product family includes 
portable cardportCD-ROM and cardportDVD drives, deviceDOCK external device 
bays, notebook Zip drives, numeric keypads, auto adapters, monitor stands, and 
utilizing Digitari technology -- theBUS universal port replicators, and 
universal docking stations.

     CNF's products are available worldwide through computer dealers, resellers 
and major distributors. The company has long-standing relationships with 
companies including, IBM, Toshiba, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard and Iomega. CNF Inc. 
can be reached at 800/8CNFINC (800/826-3462). CNF's home page is

     Note to Editors: theBUS, deviceDOCK, cardportDVD, Digitari, and "As Mobile 
As You Want to Be," are trademarks of CNF, Incorporated. All other product 
names are of their respective companies.


     CONTACT: CNF, Inc.
              Nick Nebelsky, 800/826-3462
              [email protected]
              Wilson McHenry Company
              Catherine King, 650/638-3400
              [email protected]

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