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 NOTICE TYPE: Solicitation

   NOTICE DATED: 040898

   OFFICE ADDRESS: AFNAF Purchasing Office, 9504 IH 35 North, Ste 370, San 
Antonio, TX 78233-6636

   ZIP CODE: 78233


   SOLICITATION NO.: SOL F41999-98-R-6001


   CONTACT: POC Roy H. Rainey, 210-657-5804, extension 3105

proposes to award an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contract 
for electronic locking systems for Air Force lodging facilities which use 
nonappropriated funds (NAF) as the funding source. While this primarily 
supports Air Force nonappropriated fund activities, other military NAF agencies 
may be authorized to use this contract on an optional basis. The system 
required by this SOW must be a regular commercial system available to the 
hotel/motel industry which contributes towards complete security of the lodging 
activities (facilities and resources), guest patrons, and NAF employees. The 
system, which is installed by the contract awardee, operates from the front 
desk and a kiosk during late night hours, consist of hardware and software to 
interface with the property management system (PMS) and point of sale (POS) 
systems which are used by the Agency. Locks are installed on all doors required 
secured entry and proper entry is gained through the use of an magnetic stripe 
card which holds at least two encryption zones and the recording in memory each 
entry or denial of entry into each room on the magnetic stripe plastic cards. 
The system provides for updates from the locks to the central computer and 
updates to the PMS/POS systems. The system must allow for room access using DC 
power, using long life batteries, e.g. alkaline, lithium, nickel cadmium or 
similar types, or hardwire AC power and the room must be accessible with a dead 
or low charge battery and provide a 1" deadbolt, and full function panic 
release for emergency exit. Also the ability for emergency entry into the room 
without the occupant's card or combination (a master key or other method for 
entry). The system must be available for use worldwide where 110/120 volts and 
220/230/240 volts and 50 and 60 hertz are available, and include an established 
service network. The contract awardee will be determine through a selection 
process by a technical evaluation team and pricing team to evaluate proposals 
against criteria stated herein. The goal in the selection process is to select 
the system which best represents the best security system, meeting the minimum 
requirements stated in the statement of work with additional features which 
enhance security of the system. Significant evaluation factors include, but are 
not limited to (in their relative order of importance), (a) Meeting the Minimum 
Requirements of the statement of work; (b) System Features which enhance the 
operation of the ELS (Features which are in excess of the minimum 
requirements), and (c) Cost of the System. A single award is contemplated to 
result from this solicitation. Firms desiring to submit a proposal must submit 
a request to the following address to arrive at the following address not later 
than the close of business, 24 April 1998: Roy H. Rainey, Air Force 
Nonappropriated Fund Purchasing Office, 9504 IH 35 North, Suite 370, San 
Antonio TX 78233-6636 (Facsimile 210-675-5862). This is a nonappropriated fund 
requirement and does not involve appropriated funds of the United States 
Government. Nonappropriated funds are generated by the military community 
through the sale of goods and services and the collection of fees and charges 
for participation in military community programs. This requirement does not 
involve Federal tax dollars.

   EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]

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