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(Canada Newswire; 04/16/98)

  TORONTO, April 16 /CNW/ -- Go Call is pleased to announce  the signing of a 
letter of intent with Madison & Grant Bancorp  Limited, outlining the agreement 
for zero liability funding of  between $100 million and $1 billion USD to 
facilitate the placement  of Go Internet Kiosks/ATMs throughout a North 
American network of  approximately 53,000 convenience stores.  Go Call Inc. ( ) is a multi-faceted telecommunications company  trading on 
NASD(OTC) under the symbol GOCA. Madison & Grant is a  company specializing in 
raising capital for high return, specialty  niche ventures.  The record of the 
principals of Madison & Grant in  founding and building successful businesses 
include:  The Second  Cup Ltd., Proshred Security, Samaritan Air Service Ltd., 
the  Audiotext Partnership, and Medi-Call. 

   The recent deregulation of the ATM market and the unprecedented  growth of 
the Internet make this the ideal opportunity to provide  the service and 
convenience of both of these industries to the  general population.  The Go 
Internet Kiosk/ATM program, which will  allow complete access to the Internet, 
will be launched initially  within the contract base of 23,000 stores and then 
expanded through  the remaining 30,000 affiliated locations.

   The Agreement between Go Call Inc. and Madison & Grant calls  for a 5 year 
revenue stream to provide for the investors, the store  proprietors and the 
company.  At the end of this period the  physical assets are to be passed, free 
and clear, directly to Go  Call Inc.

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