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Radiant Systems, Inc. Introduces New Internet MiniKiosk Development Kit (MDK)
(Business Wire; 04/22/98)

Radiant Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: RADS), a leading provider of integrated 
technology solutions to retailers worldwide, announces the premiere release of 
its Internet MDK (MiniKiosk Development Kit).  

    The package offers a host of Microsoft ActiveX controls that enable 
intuitive, touch-screen navigation of web sites, giving any user the ability to 
surf the World Wide Web without a keyboard or mouse.  

    Designed specifically to expand the presence of web sites to the non-
Internet using public, Internet MDK consists of Radiant Systems-developed 
ActiveX controls (called the KDT or, Kiosk Development Tools), an Internet 
MiniKiosk, a hands on training program and sample consumer-oriented internet 
web sites.  

    The Internet Mini Kiosk component (based on Radiant Systems' MediaClient 
PC) features a small footprint and an industry-hardened kiosk enclosure that 
helps minimize downtime of deployed web sites.  This solution addresses 
multiple issues that plague the kiosk industry, which tends to rely on desktop 
grade, off-the-shelf hardware.  

    Tim List, Director of Radiant Digital Retail, says, "We believe that web 
developers and kiosk developers will embrace the Internet MDK, because it's a 
simple tool that allows them to capitalize on the ease of developing touch 
screen web site applications with any HTML environment.  Minutes after opening 
the box, someone with an e-commerce web site can deploy that site in a public 
access kiosk.  Internet MDK delivers on the Radiant Systems tradition of 
providing high value, highly flexible, visionary products."  

    Vantage Point Director of New Media, Phil Quist, says, "We believe that the 
Internet MDK will be the fastest way for us to deliver kiosk applications for 
our clients.  The navigation features found available through the KDT are just 
fantastic; these are quite intelligent solutions to the problems of putting web-
based applications in the public domain."  

    Internet MDK provides a graphical, web-browsing shell that incorporates 
touch screen controls to industry standard navigation commands, including 
frames navigation while also providing access and security features, allowing 
developers to set kiosk access controls. Detailed information about the 
Internet MDK, and Radiant Digital Retail can be reached by calling 800-229-0991 
x 119, or visiting

    Certain statements contained in this press release are "forward-looking 
statements" within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act 
of 1995, such as statements relating to financial results and plans for future 
business development activities, and are thus prospective.  Such forward-
looking statements are subject to risks, uncertainties and other factors which 
could cause actual results to differ materially from future results expressed 
or implied by such forward-looking statements.  Potential risks and 
uncertainties include, but are not limited to; economic conditions, competition 
and other uncertainties detailed from time to time in the Company's Securities 
and Exchange Commission filings.  

Company Information

    Radiant Systems, Inc. provides integrated technology solutions to retailers 
in the petroleum/convenience store, automotive, entertainment, hospitality, and 
kiosk industries.  These solutions include consumer-activated ordering, point 
of sale, back office management, headquarters management, decision support and 
digital commerce systems.  The Company also provides a full range of solution 
design, implementation, and support services.  The Company is headquartered in 
Atlanta and has installations in thousands of retail sites around the world.  

    Vantage Point Management is a South Carolina-based leading edge marketing 
and multimedia company, committed to breakthrough strategy development and 
technology utilization.  Vantage Point utilizes an integrated approach to 
improve its clients' sales and profitability. For more detailed information 
about Vantage Point Management please call 864-232-3876, Ext. 230 or visit us 

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