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Dennis Interactive wins Award for Interactive Corporate Branding Received Honors at The One Club One Show Interactive Awards Ceremony

April 23rd, 1998, New York, NY - At the 1st annual Interactive awards
ceremony held by The One Club, Dennis Interactive, the industry-leading
interactive kiosk design firm, along with Lowe & Partners was honored
for their revolutionary car dealer showroom multimedia kiosks designed
and deployed for Mercedes Benz.

The kiosks, located in hundreds of Mercedes car dealerships throughout
North America, provide an unprecedented level of information,
interactivity, and marketing communications. With over 9 gigabytes of
content including a fully operational visual vehicle options selector
and quote generator, hours of full screen video and over 45 minutes of
original jazz soundtrack, this network of kiosks has broken ground in
several technical and implementation areas.

"The Mercedes Benz interactive kiosk is a perfect example of how an
engaging and useful consumer experience can be melded with a vital sales
and marketing analysis and planning resource for the entire enterprise,”
commented Jason Pearson, Creative Director and Founder of Dennis
Interactive. “Receiving The One Show award for Corporate Branding is an
honor that we share with Lowe & Partners and, of course, the very
creative and progressive team at Mercedes Benz.”

About Dennis Interactive
Created in 1994 by Dennis Publishing, the largest independently owned
media company in Great Britain, Dennis Interactive delivers the highest
standards in interactive kiosk implementation and management, new media
content, and multimedia design.

The company first established its creative and technical leadership as
publisher of BLENDER, the CD-ROM pop-culture magazine. Creating content
for each issue while adhering to tight budgets and even tighter
deadlines helped Dennis Interactive to develop and refine its
unparalleled technical and project management skills.
Leveraging the global resources of its parent company to provide their
services to Fortune 500 corporations and mid-market companies, Dennis
Interactive helps clients create, implement, and manage engaging and
practical interactive solutions that drive brand, products, and services
directly to individual customers.
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