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Dennis Interactive to design software for in-store music sales kiosk N2K Selects Dennis Interactive As Project Manager For Music Boulevard Network

April 27, 1998, New York, NY - Dennis Interactive, the industry-leading
interactive kiosk design firm, disclosed today that it was selected to
manage the design and deployment of N2K's Music Boulevard Network
in-store kiosks.

"Helping N2K's Music Boulevard Network translate the Music Boulevard
online shopping experience to the in-store kiosk has been both a
challenging and extremely rewarding experience," says Jason Pearson,
Founder and Creative Director of Dennis Interactive. "From the start,
N2K had a very clear vision of the customer experience they wanted. It's
our job to bring that vision to life."

Dennis Interactive is managing the overall project - from interface and
content delivery architecture to installation and systems support. The
systems architecture provides a high-bandwidth version of the Music
Boulevard Network on-line environment.

Industry Feedback

Robert Chomentowski, Research Analyst with market research firm Frost &
Sullivanís Connectivity and Computer Networking Group noted that "over
the next 3 years, 50 percent of companies implementing kiosk strategies
will include an OLTP client/server architecture. Solution providers such
as Dennis Interactive that have the systems architecture skills in-house
will be increasingly in demand."

In addition to systems development and project management, Dennis
Interactive designed the kiosk interface for the Music Boulevard Network

About Dennis Interactive
Created in 1994 by Dennis Publishing, the largest independently owned
media company in Great Britain, Dennis Interactive delivers the highest
standards in interactive kiosk implementation and management, new media
content, and multimedia design.

The company first established its creative and technical leadership as
publisher of BLENDER, the CD-ROM pop-culture magazine. Creating content
for each issue while adhering to tight budgets and even tighter
deadlines helped Dennis Interactive to develop and refine its
unparalleled technical and project management skills.
Leveraging the global resources of its parent company to provide their
services to Fortune 500 corporations and mid-market companies, Dennis
Interactive helps clients create, implement, and manage engaging and
practical interactive solutions that drive brand, products, and services
directly to individual customers.

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