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Mag-Tek Introduces User-Friendly, Two-Headed Insert Card Reader
(Business Wire; 04/29/98)

  CARSON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 29, 1998--Mag-Tek Inc., an 
 international leading provider of card technology solutions, introduced an 
 advanced insert card reader this week designed for use at gas pumps, self-
 service kiosks and in the gaming industry.

      The MT-215, with its dual heads, reads cards in two card orientations for 
 optimum ease and user-friendliness. This new MT-215 card reader auto-
 discriminates when cards are encoded with both ISO/ANSI and JIS standards.

      It features bi-directional read capacity for single, dual or triple-track 
 cards. This highly reliable reader consumes low power and includes a clock and 
 data TTL interface. It is available with a flush mount or extended bezel, each 
 having vandal-resistant features.

      Mag-Tek ( manufactures an ever-expanding line of 
 card readers, MICR check readers, encoders and motorized readers for financial 
 institutions, OEMs and retailers.

      Since 1972 its headquarters have been in Carson, with sales offices 
 throughout the United States and international distribution in more than 40 
 countries. Mag-Tek, known worldwide as an industry leader in technology and 
 innovation, pioneered magnetic stripe readers more than 25 years ago.

      Mag-Tek technology is used in millions of point-of-sale (POS) and 
 financial transactions utilizing debit cards, credit cards, grocery store 
 checkouts, automated gas pumps, pay phones and airplane seat phones throughout 
 the world. For more information on Mag-Tek  products, call 888/624-8350.

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