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The Information Age Provides Tremendous Opportunities For World Interactive Kiosk Companies

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- As life becomes more hectic, people continue to search for ways to save time and energy throughout their daily lives. For this reason, interactive kiosks are quickly becoming the vending machine of the Information Age. They not only provide users access to a wide variety of products and information, but do so through the ease of a touch-screen display or the sound of a human voice.

According to recent strategic research by Frost & Sullivan (, World Interactive Kiosk Markets generated $980.9 million in revenues in 1997, up 37 percent from 1996. Factors expected to boost revenues even further in future years include the drive to increase customer service, a reduction in labor costs, technological advances in hardware and software coupled with declining prices, and continued Internet growth.

Analyzed by major segment, this study takes an in-depth look at the retail market, finance and banking market, tourism and entertainment market, government market, and other markets within the overall interactive kiosk market. All segments include a detailed examination of both the point-of-purchase (POP) and point-of-information (POI) aspects of the specific market, as well as market drivers and restraints. While the government segment represents one of the newest markets to emerge, the market for tourism kiosks has existed for a number of years. Regardless of specific market affiliation, all companies participating in the interactive kiosk market must equip themselves with the most reliable, up-to-date market information available in order to succeed.

``End-user acceptance is vital to the success of kiosks. However, once users become familiar with a kiosk, they often prefer using it to standing in line to meet with a customer service representative,'' says information technology research analyst Robert Chomentowski. ``A recent trend is the increased demand to automate redundant services that demand the time and effort of personnel, enabling concentration on more complex services.'' The widespread prevalence of automated teller machines (ATMs) should help make end-user acceptance of kiosks relatively easy. This marketing consulting report offers suggestions for smaller kiosk companies who should seek niches in the retail, and tourism and entertainment markets, capitalizing on their abilities to offer customized solutions with unique multimedia content. The study also provides kiosk vendors and potential vendors, large and small, with invaluable information on pricing, marketing, distribution strategy, specialized applications, and opportunities for strategic partnerships and alliances. You cannot afford to overlook this detailed analysis of a fairly new market which carries tremendous potential.

Technologies covered in this study include: interactive kiosks, desktop computer, hard drive, keyboard, compact disk read only memory (CD-ROM) drive, color monitor, audio card, video card, speakers, Apple Macintosh, UNIX workstations, resistive touch screens, capacitive touch screens, surface acoustic wave (SAW) touch screens, infrared touch screens, force vector touch screens, magnetic card readers, pointing devices, microphones, cameras, microphones, proximity detectors, speakers, sound cards, printers, storage devices, optical jukeboxes, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), point of sale software (POS), graphical user interface (GUI), Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator browser, network interface card (NIC), local area network (LAN), metropolitan area network (MAN), wide area network (WAN), wireless LAN, circuit switched telephone connections, and packet switched networks. Companies participating in this market include: Active Frame Productions, Advanced Media, Inc., Adroit Innovations, AG Industries (AGI), Atcom/Info, ATI Advertising Technologies, Inc., Barcreast Multimedia, Big Hand, Inc., Breakaway Presentations, Inc., Bull Systems, Broad Knowledge System Ltd, ComArt, Compass Technologies, Compustar Network, DCI Marketing, Diebold, Inc., Dolphin Works Corporation, Dunn Systems, Inc., Dynatouch Corporation, Ecotek Technology Solutions, EDR Systems, Electronic Data Systems Corporation (NYSE:EDS - news), EMF Corp., Exhibitgroup/Giltspur (Exhibit Masters), First Wave, Inc., Fugitsu Ltd Japan, Golden Screens America, Inc., Goldtron Interactive, Greenway Engineering, GS Interactive, Hasting & Baio, Haukom Associates, Hitachi, Horizons Technology, Inc., HSI Computer Systems, IBM Kiosk Solutions, IBM Japan, ICL Retail Systems, ICL-United Kingdom United Kingdom, Interactive Ideas, Inc., Ivid Communications, King Products, Inc., Kiosk Information Systems (KIS), The Kiosk Software Company, Lexitech, Logica, Inc., LGC Associates, Micro Rent, Midi, Inc., MPO Videotronics, MSA, Multimedia Resources, Inc., Muze, Inc., NCR Corporation [NYSE:NCR - news], NCR Financial Systems Ltd, NCR Singapore, NEC Japan, NEO, NetAccess Inc., North Communications, North Communications Australia, N-Vision Systems, Inc., Olivetti, ObjectSoft Corporation [Nasdaq:OSFT - news], Panasonic, Pearlson Development, Pen-Tech Associates, Pixel Touch, Red Dot Interactive, Rocky Mountain Multimedia, RTC & Associates, Sony Corporation [NYSE:SNE - news], Southwest Business/Financial Data, St. Clair Interactive Communications, Inc., Siemans-Nixdorf, TouchMedia Sysyems Pte. Ltd, TouchNet Information Systems, Inc., Touchscreen Promotions, Triadigm Technology, Trident Computer Systems, Troll Touch, and Unisys Corporation [NYSE:UIS - news]. Related Companies include: Acoustics Development Corporation, Dynapro TF Products, Elo Touchsystems, Factura Composites, Inc., Gibco, GS Interactive, Magnetec Corporation, MicroTouch Systems, In Network Systems, Redfield Company, Ross Roy Advertising Co., Sequoia Wood Products, Signature Marketing, Touchsource, Inc., Ultimate Technologies, and United States Technologies. Industry Organizations include: Interactive Multimedia Association (IMA), International Interactive and Communications Society. Frost & Sullivan is an international marketing consulting company that monitors the Information Technology industry for market trends, market measurements, and strategies. This ongoing research is utilized to update a series of research publications such as #5678-74, U.S. Markets for Emerging Network Management Applications, and to support industry participants with customized consulting needs.

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Report: 5831-74 Publish Date: May 1998
SOURCE: Frost & Sullivan

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