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Carroll Touch Introduces Infrared Touch Kiosks;
Information kiosks ideal for public applications

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AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 12, 1998--Carroll Touch, a
division of AMP Incorporated and the global leader in built-to-order
solutions for the touch interface market, today announced a family of
information kiosks using scanning infrared touch technology.
Scanning infrared is the most durable touch technology available,
ensuring a long life for Carroll Touch kiosk touch frames and making
them the best choice for public information applications. They offer
exceptional resistance to vandalism, are not subject to drift and
stand up well to sustained use without routine maintenance.

The touch frame assembly fits discreetly between the monitor tube
and the front kiosk panel to which the frame is mounted for
convenient, non-invasive integration. This enables customers to
replace a CRT without damaging the touch frame or affecting
manufacturer warranties. Customers sometimes report that their
infrared touch frames operate efficiently through the lives of
multiple monitors.

Carroll Touch kiosk touch frames are available for 14-inch,
15-inch, 17-inch and 21-inch open-frame, desktop or chassis CRTs and
can employ flat square or standard tubes. Software drivers are
included for all popular operating systems.

Earlier this year, Carroll Touch enhanced its infrared touch
systems for operation in full direct sunlight and reduced prices as a
result of operating efficiencies gained when some functions merged
with AMP Packaging Systems in Round Rock last year. Per-unit prices
for Carroll Touch Kiosk Touch Frames range from $290 for a 14-inch
frame to $560 for a 21-inch frame and volume pricing is available.
Because it relies on light beam interruption for touch
recognition, the ability of infrared systems to operate accurately in
high ambient light is key to maintaining input accuracy. Carroll Touch
infrared systems operate efficiently in as much as 10,000 foot candles
of ambient light, making them ideal for point-of-sale terminals and
transit station ticketing as well as for public information kiosks.
Scanning infrared technology has several inherent advantages over
other touch technologies. Display color and clarity are very crisp,
since the systems place no layers between the user and the display.

Infrared technology also is completely sealable and its opto-matrix
design is inherently rugged, making it the ideal choice for heavy
industrial, process control, medical systems, public kiosks and other
applications where reliability and resistance to shock and vibration
are essential. The patented programmable amplification and servo-loop
circuitry allow Carroll Touch infrared systems to compensate for
changing conditions, including fluctuations in ambient light and
exposure to particulates, dirt, dust and liquids.

Carroll Touch, founded in 1973, today is a division of AMP
Incorporated and part of AMP's Circuit Packaging Division. Carroll
Touch pioneered scanning infrared touch technology in the 1970s and
has refined the technology to keep up with customer requirements,
delivering solutions for computer monitors, terminals and flat panel
displays. Carroll Touch recently announced the addition of a resistive
overlay technology to its touch solution options. Carroll Touch was
the first in its industry to offer a comprehensive five-year warranty
on its touch products and was the first major touch vendor to achieve
ISO 9001 quality certification.

For configurations and pricing, please call Carroll Touch in
North America at (800) 386-8241. In Europe, Carroll Touch products are
available by calling the European Sales Office in Denmark (45)
55-96-03-36 and through Carroll Touch distributors in most countries.
Information also can be obtained through Carroll Touch's web page at

CONTACT:  Carroll Touch
Mark Austin, 512/388-5615

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