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Home Financial Network Introduces Speech Recognition and Touch Screen Functionality for Home ATM(R)
(PR Newswire; 05/14/98)

    ATLANTA, May 14 /PRNewswire/   Home Financial Network, Inc. (HFN), the 
 leading developer of private-branded Internet banking software for the 
 middle/mass market, today announced two innovations in home banking: the 
 incorporation of speech recognition and touch screen technologies in its Home 
 ATM(R) software.  The announcement was made at the Faulkner & Gray Home Banking 
 Forum in Atlanta, Georgia.

     The inclusion of speech recognition and touch screen technologies for Home 
 ATM enables HFN's bank partners to serve those consumers who find the 
 traditional methods of interfacing with a computer   namely via keyboard or 
 mouse   simply too difficult or too imposing.  In particular, by providing 
 voice and touch screen navigation, banks can serve those constituencies that 
 arguably have the greatest need for home banking: the elderly and those with 
 physical limitations.

     "By using the human voice to replace all keyboard and mouse commands, 
 millions of consumers who value the benefits of financial automation, but have 
 been unwilling or unable to achieve the benefits through conventional means, 
 can now do so with great ease and little or no training," said Daniel M. 
 Schley, chairman and CEO of Home Financial Network.  "Touch screen technology 
 provides yet another simple and intuitive approach for dealing with technology. 
  Whether the consumer is elderly, physically limited, or technology-terrified, 
 the end result will be a further expansion in the number of consumers seeking 
 remote banking services from our partner banks."

     Speech Recognition Technology
     With the speech recognition-enhanced version of Home ATM, users are able to 
 perform all program navigation and execute all financial functions simply by 
 speaking into a microphone connected to the PC.  Recent advances make speech 
 recognition technology fully capable of interpreting the basic command 
 structure of focused applications such as Home ATM, with little training and a 
 high degree of accuracy.  Users are able to access their accounts and perform a 
 wide range of banking transactions with the same fluidity as if they were 
 speaking to a teller.  When integrated into Home ATM Bill Pay, the same 
 technology will allow users to voice-select a payee and record the amount to be 
 paid simply by speaking.

     Home ATM's speech recognition enhancement is being developed using the 
 Dragon NaturallySpeaking(TM) speech engine from Dragon Systems, Inc. and IBM's 
 Via Voice technology.

     "Speech recognition makes home banking easier and faster for Home ATM's 
 customers because they can focus on the tasks at hand rather than the 
 interface.  Home banking is an ideal application for speech recognition, with 
 obvious appeal to a broad market," said Roger Matus, Vice President of 
 Marketing for Dragon Systems, a leading provider of speech recognition 

     Touch Screen Technology
     Home ATM with touch-screen technology enables users to navigate the program 
 and execute all banking and bill payment functions simply by touching the large 
 "ATM command buttons" on the screen.  This version of the product is not only 
 quick to learn, but also exceptionally easy to use.  To execute any program 
 command, it's simply point and smudge.

     HFN's touch screen technology uses ELO IntelliTouch controllers, designed 
 for surface acoustic wave (SAW) touch screens.  The company will soon add 
 AccuTouch controllers for touch screens that rely on capacitive and resistive 
 technology.  Home ATM's large, on-screen buttons and simplified command 
 structure provide an ideal environment for touch screen usage.

     Anticipated users for Home ATM with touch screen technology include 
 consumers who are either keyboard or mouse phobic and consumers with limited 
 physical dexterity. HFN is also developing a free-standing kiosk version of 
 Home ATM using 100% Pure Java and touch screen design.  These kiosks will be 
 set up in bank lobbies and remote locations to provide consumers with direct 
 access to account information and enable them to perform a wide variety of 
 secure banking and bill pay transactions over the Internet.

     About Home Financial Network, Inc. (
     Home Financial Network, Inc. develops and markets Internet-based home 
 banking software that enables financial institutions to deliver branded 
 electronic financial services to their mass market customers.  The company's 
 products, which include Home ATM Banking and Home ATM Bill Pay, are written in 
 C++ and 100% Pure Java.  They are designed to communicate over the Internet or 
 over secure private networks, and are compliant with each of the leading home 
 banking protocols, including OFX and Gold. Each of the company's home banking 
 products are Y2K compliant.

     For more information, contact:  Ann Marie Lochner, Lochner & Hawk at 908-
 852-3656; or Tom Dittrich, Home Financial Network at 203-341-7403

     Home ATM is a registered trade of Home Financial Network, Inc.  Dragon 
 NaturallySpeaking is a trademark of Dragon Systems, Inc.  All other company and 
 product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective 
 companies with which they are associated.

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