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A REAL estate information project piloted in Wellington last year is poised for a multi-million dollar expansion in New Zealand and Europe.

The ATM-like kiosks, dubbed Property Shops, allow customers to view 
 properties, talk to real estate agents by phone, arrange finance and print 
 property information. Companies accessible through the kiosks include estate 
 firm Leaders, WestpacTrust, New Zealand Home Loans, AMP, and legal firms. 
 Thirty-four units were installed in Wellington last November by developers Erec 
 Software and Technology attracting up to 6000 users a week.

    Managing director Rob Acton says the company has worked through teething 
 problems and could roll out another 146 kiosks in New Zealand this year. The 
 rollout begins this month, starting in Christchurch, then moving to Auckland.

    ESAT has pre-approved sites in Parnell, North Shore, Greenlane, Manukau, and 
 most South Auckland districts. In addition to the New Zealand growth, ESAT is 
 awaiting council permits for a similar $750,000 kiosk project in Monaco for 
 French real estate firm Gramalgia. The kiosk network, operating through Leaders 
 real estate firm, presently lists up to 42 per cent of property sites in 
 Wellington. The Property Shop Web site can be seen at

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