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Nationwide Internet E-Commerce Kiosks

NetCard Corporation Bhd, an internet and multimedia services company, has to-date deployed more than 120 Internet-based transactional kiosks nationwide in Malaysia. Currently, the public can now access internet services via these kiosks using prepaid smart-cards which are sold just like pay-phone cards in the denominations of $20 and $50. The kiosks branded as "NetCard Stations" are already offering cinema ticketing facilities whereby the public can now choose their seats, pays for it and a receipt printed.

Believing that e-commerce to be the next engine of growth, NetCard Corp. is currently conducting system integration with local banks for these e-commerce kiosks to be equiped with credit-card and Bank/ATM card reader to enable public to pay bills and utilties.

The secret behind the Company's ability to manage various services on a widely distributed electronic kiosks at the lowest operating cost is due to its "netKIOS" (Networked Kiosk Interactive Operating System) software.

'netKIOS' is an industrial strength client-server internet-based kiosk 'operating system' cater specifically for e-kiosk environment. Running on Windows NT platform, it provides full kiosk controls allowing for full remote monitoring, configuration, file transfer, self-recovery, audit trail, devices management over the network. Unlike network management system software, netKIOS is optimised to run over Internet. It is also have no problem operating over Intranet or WAN.

The fully graphical 'netKIOS' allows a Computer Center to centrally monitors and collects kiosks behaivour information regardless of where the kiosks are located as long as it is connected to the Internet. Scheduled maintenance services such as disk deframentation, virus scan, memory leaks control and to take remote control over specific devices such as printer, monitor, modems for troubleshooting purposes. Even power can be switch off/on to each devices and business rules such as different charge rates for different services can be configured and scheduled to be effective remotely.

More importantly, 'netKIOS' allows any applications to be deployed on the kiosks without interference from 'netKIOS'. As a matter of fact, 'netKIOS' allows these applications to be more resilient and device independent as 'netKIOS' will provide the neccessary interfaces to kiosks devices. Any changes in devices such as printers or readers will not require any application changes.

The Company is now preparing to market 'netKIOS' worldwide and is interested to work with partners such as kiosk system integrator, solution providers on industry such as banking, insurance, etc.

The Company is able to provide total kiosk solution to any interested companies.

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