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NetSet Selects ICL Sorbus to Provide Global Support Services For Masquerade Users
(PR Newswire; 05/25/98)

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, May 25 /PRNewswire/   NetSet A/S, a leading 
manufacturer of easy-to-use internet products, announced today that it has 
selected ICL Sorbus, a company in the ICL group, to provide support services 
for NetSet's Masquerade instant Internet product.

    "This is a significant agreement for NetSet," says NetSet Director of 
Technology, Andreas Jurgensen.  "It truly allows us to sell and support the 
Masquerade product on a global scale."

    Masquerade is an all-in-one, easy-to-use hardware-based Internet product 
designed for small-to-medium sized businesses.  Masquerade is a plug and play 
Internet product, and will effectively connect a company to the Internet in a 
matter of minutes.  The product provides everything needed to fully take 
advantage of the Internet, including connectivity via ISDN or leased lines, 
firewall for secure access, mail-server, Web-server for electronic publishing, 
and more.

    About ICL
    ICL is a leading European IT systems and services company.  Operating in 
over 70 countries and employing over 19,000 people, the company specializes in 
implementing IT systems for major projects and providing innovative services to 
a range of industries.  These include global helpdesks, outsourcing, customer 
management systems, Intranets, electronic commerce, interactive kiosks, smart 
card systems, digital cities and web sites.  More information about ICL is 
available on the company's web-site at

    ICL Sorbus, a pan-European IT services business, specializes in multi- 
vendor system services   including maintenance services, helpdesks, software 
support and asset management.  This ICL business unit has over 250 service 
locations and 5000 employees throughout Europe.  More information about ICL 
Sorbus is available on the company's web-site at

    About NetSet A/S
    Founded in July 1997, NetSet A/S develops and manufactures internetworking 
connectivity products.  The company distributes its products through leading, 
market-dominating internet service providers, telephone companies and network 
distributors on a global scale.  NetSet's Masquerade product line is an easy- 
to-use all-in-one solution, providing instant Internet connectivity and 
productivity-enhancing Intranet services.  More information about NetSet is 
available on the company's web-site at

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