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New World Technologies Partners With Factura -- The Leading Kiosk Enclosure Manufacturer in the United States
(Business Wire; 06/01/98)

ASHLAND, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 1, 1998--New World Technologies, 
Inc., of Ashland, Massachusetts, a manufacturer and marketer of standard and 
custom configured computer systems for Resellers and OEMs, is proud to announce 
that it has partnered with Factura, a division of MicroTouch Systems Inc., the 
leading kiosk manufacturer in the United States, to develop customized PC based 
systems for Factura's customers.

     Founded in 1991, New World Technologies has experienced a phenomenal rate 
of growth. It has recently been named the fastest growing company in 
Massachusetts and the 6th fastest growing company in the United States, 
according to Inc. Magazine's annual ranking of top privately held companies. 
New World's strategic growth is reflected in its ability to develop strong 
industry partnerships with its customer and vendors throughout the country.

     "Factura's customers now have access to a systems manufacturer that 
develops fully customized PCs, which are based upon meeting the exact and 
specific requirements of the customer", states Paul Healy, New World's Vice 
President of Sales and Marketing. "This includes testing, burn-in as well as 
full Engineering Control Notification (ECN) and End Of Life Notification (EOL). 
These procedures assure that technically consistent, identical systems are 
delivered to its customers, without any changes in components, down to the 
revision level. These computer systems are utilized as both, the engine for the 
kiosk, as well as the server, if required. Additionally, this partnership 
allows New World to offer its customers a wide array of kiosks, from standard 
pre-built units to fully customized enclosures", Healy went on to say.

     Founded in 1986, Factura is the largest manufacturer of kiosk housings in 
the United States, having produced an estimated 30% of the installed base. 
Factura specializes in custom kiosks from concept to completion, while offering 
industrial design, mechanical engineering, prototypes, volume production, 
component integration, testing, and management of delivery logistics on an a la 
carte basis.

     In March of 1998, New World received ISO 9002 Registration. "Being an ISO 
9002 registered company is very important as the company continues to grow. 
This registration insures that New World's quality will continue to remain 
strong, in the face of our ever increasing production volumes", said Greg Rice, 
New World's Vice President of Manufacturing Operations.

     In addition to New World's extensive product line, the company offers a 
wide array of on-site services through its partnership with Wang Global. It 
also offers financing alternatives which include leasing options, as well as 
floor planning services through IBM Commercial Credit, Nations Credit and 
Deutsche Financial.

     The company is an outsource provider of custom-built computer systems and 
integration services and sells exclusively through Authorized Resellers and 
OEMs nationwide. They also integrate other vendor products to provide unique 
computer solutions for the marketplace. New World offers a complete line of 
computer based systems from Intel(R) Pentiums(R) with MMX(tm) technology, to 
Dual Pentium IIs, to Rackmounts as well as Quad SMP Super Servers and 
everything in between.

     For more information, please call New World Technologies at (800)443-8885.


     CONTACT: New World Technologies, Inc. 
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