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iInform and CompUSA Partner in the Internet, and Retail and Restaurant P.O.S./Cash Register Marketplace!
(Business Wire; 06/09/98)

 ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 9, 1998--Touch Industries, Inc.  and their 
touchscreen Internet service bureau division that rents Decision Support System 
software (DSS) called iInform, today announces their new national business 
partnership with Dallas-based CompUSA, one of the nation's largest resellers of 
personal computers and related products and services.  

    Through this partnership, CompUSA sales division will supply Touch 
Industries' Point of Sale cash register clients and iInform's national software 
rental customers with touchscreen P.O.S. hardware, software and systems 
integration.  Additionally, on-site training and support will be also provided. 
 CompUSA will supply specific touchscreen point of sale terminals, servers, 
signature capture devices and credit card mag stripe readers to support the 
cash register and point of sale industry-specific needs.  

    The cash register and point of sale domestic market place is estimated at 
three billion dollars annually.  

    "The automation marketplace for retailers and restaurateurs, historically 
has been dominated by several large Point of Sale hardware manufacturers.  Our 
partnership with CompUSA will give our software rental customers and P.O.S. 
software application purchasers the ability to acquire hardware technology and 
system services with national name brands at price points not normally seen in 
our market space," commented Keith Neerman, President of Touch Industries.  

    Touch Industries, Inc. is the developer of the world's most successful 
touchscreen Point of Sale software for retailers called InfoTouch and the 
pioneer of iInform, the first OLAP touchscreen Internet service bureau that 
rents Decision Support System software (DSS) to retailers and restaurateurs.  

    CompUSA is one of the largest leading retailers and resellers of personal 
computers and related products and services.  The company currently operates 
154 CompUSA Computer Superstores(SM) in 69 major metropolitan markets across 
the United States, which serve retail, corporate, government and education 
customers and include technical service departments and classroom training 
facilities.  iInform can be reached at  

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