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NCR: Add financial services to your shopping list as NCR takes the next step in convenience banking

-- Interactive kiosks let consumers shop and bank
                    with greater ease

                    You can now shop for a mortgage as easily as a pair
                    of jeans at the Britannia Building Society branch
                    inside Beatties department store in Northampton. The
                    'in-store banking shop' uses NCR Corporation's
                    interactive kiosks allowing shoppers to conduct
                    financial business at the touch of a button without
                    ever leaving, the store or interrupting their regular
                    shopping trip.

                    By simply inputting your relevant details, the kiosks
                    can be used to give estimates on a wide array of
                    mortgage options to see which most suits an
                    individual's needs. For example, comparing the
                    benefits of a fixed rate mortgage with a standard
                    variable rate mortgage - all worked out for the
                    consumer's own particular circumstances.

                    The technology also allows shoppers to print off the
                    various mortgage 'illustrations' so they can take
                    them away and browse through them at leisure. The
                    kiosks can even act as children's entertainers.
                    Whilst parents are shopping for mortgages, children
                    can watch a fully animated story shown on the kiosks,
                    featuring Britannia's familiar 'claymation'

                    In addition to the kiosks, special consultants have
                    been fully trained by Britannia for a department
                    store retail environment. In Beatties, two are on
                    hand to answer shoppers' questions about confidential
                    transactions and to carry out the more traditional,
                    'over the counter' type transactions such as paying
                    in cash and cheques, opening new accounts or buying
                    foreign currency.

                    "Kiosks like these represent a growing trend in
                    retail banking," commented Simon Rubin. NCR's head of
                    self service in the UK. "NCR's own research has shown
                    that people like the idea of organising their
                    finances without the hassle of booking appointments
                    or going to their local branch. At Beatties they can
                    kill two birds with one stone - shopping and banking
                    in the same trip. This convergence between retail and
                    finance. outlets is already a common sight in the
                    States and it's now taking off this side of the

                    "The automation of our branch in Beatties has been an
                    overwhelming success," stated Nigel Johns,
                    controller, distribution strategy and development for
                    the Britannia Building Society, "with increases in
                    both profitability and customer satisfaction.
                    Beatties is thrilled with the service we are
                    providing and it's an exciting new environment for
                    Britannia. We are now looking at expanding our range
                    of interactive kiosks as a direct result of this

                    About NCR's Financial Solutions Group
                    NCR supplies banks and other financial institutions
                    with Banking Solutions in the Age of the Consumer -
                    solutions that are tailored to our customers'
                    individual needs so that they can offer the best
                    services to their consumers. These solutions cover
                    the areas of self-service, payment, channel delivery
                    and customer management. NCR shipped a record 42,440
                    ATMs worldwide in 1997, maintaining its 11th
                    consecutive year of world leadership, NCR also has a
                    market share Of more than 80 per cent in the UK.

                    About NCR
                    NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is a recognised world
                    leader in scaleable data warehousing, self-service
                    and store automation solutions for the retail,
                    financial and communications industries and other
                    select markets. NCR's solutions are built on the
                    foundation of the company's long-established industry
                    knowledge and consulting expertise, value-adding
                    software, world-leading hardware technology, global
                    customer support services and a complete line of
                    consumable and media products. More information on
                    NCR and its products can be found on the World Wide
                    Web at:

                    CONTACT: Dawn Isaac, NCR
                    Tel: +44 (0)171 725 8248
                    e-mail: [email protected]
                    David Butcher, Edelman Public Relations Worldwide
                    Tel: +44 (0)171 344 1279
                    e-mail: [email protected]

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