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ICL: London Borough of Lewisham unveils 'TellyTalk' in local Sainsbury's Savacentre

-- ICL Video-Conferencing kiosks to provide greater
                    access to public services

                    The London Borough of Lewisham and ICL today
                    announced the installation of a video-conferencing
                    kiosk in Lewisham Sainsbury's Savacentre, to allow
                    local residents to enquire about a range of public
                    services, such as council tax or housing benefit
                    without having to visit the town hall.

                    The initiative, named 'TellyTalk', is part of a
                    European-funded project designed to use the latest
                    information technology and communications to support
                    local communities.

                    Lewisham is the first local authority in the country
                    to use video conferencing technology -- provided by
                    ICL - to give council information to residents and
                    follows the recent announcement by the Government of
                    its intent to provide one quarter of all local
                    government services on-line by 2002.

                    Designed particularly for the elderly and deaf, the
                    kiosks developed by ICL will provide residents with
                    an easy-to-use, face-to-face communication link with
                    council staff at the touch of a button.

                    Users of the TellyTalk kiosks can obtain general
                    information on the borough's housing and benefits
                    service using a touch screen. If they require
                    specific advice, they can press a button to
                    video-link to an adviser. Once an interview has
                    started, all the technology is controlled remotely by
                    the interviewer back at the Town Hall.

                    Lesley Burr, head of benefits, London Borough of
                    Lewisham, said: "We expect at least 40 per cent of
                    our users to be aged 60 and upwards. Therefore, we
                    have specifically designed these kiosks with the
                    elderly in mind. Also, older people are not so mobile
                    and Lewisham wanted to provide the elderly and
                    handicapped with an easy means of communication with
                    the local revenues and benefits office."

                    She added: "TellyTalk encapsulates remotely the
                    process of the council office visit -- the face to
                    face interview, the completion of forms and the
                    exchange of documentation."

                    Derek Sayers, managing director of ICL's Electronic
                    Business Services division, said: "ICL is pioneering
                    the use of kiosks as a means of providing local
                    government information to the public - utilising
                    technology to enrich the life of the local

                    Burr continued: "TellyTalk makes business sense. The
                    kiosks enable Lewisham to maintain experts at a
                    central headquarters, but make them available to our
                    citizens throughout the borough. We gain the added
                    advantage of having a complete audit trail of
                    correspondence and information which can be captured
                    using the IT resources of the kiosk."

                    Notes to Editors:

                    ICL is a leading supplier of IT systems and services.
                    Operating in over 70 countries and employing over
                    19,000 people, the Group's revenues for 1997 were GBP
                    2,477.1 million generating a pre-tax profit of GBP
                    30.0 million. The company implements IT systems for
                    major projects and provides innovative services to a
                    range of industries covering amongst others, retail,
                    finance, travel, telecoms and utilities together with
                    education, local and central government sectors. Its
                    services include outsourcing, helpdesks, network
                    services, inter/intranets, electronic commerce,
                    interactive kiosks, smart card systems, digital
                    cities and web sites. ICL plans to relist on the
                    stock market in 2000.

                    Relevant websites:

                    About TellyTalk:

                    The customer unit of TellyTalk is contained in a
                    specially adapted, private room. It comprises a
                    conference monitor for video only, viewing camera,
                    microphone, information system with data screen,
                    printer and document scanner -- all built into one
                    unit. The video screen is separated from the data
                    screen to reassure people who may not be used to
                    computers, facilitate signing and allow frame
                    transmission at a faster rate that a normal PC. The
                    project involves the Lewisham Revenues and Benefits
                    Department and its technology partners; ICL, for its
                    kiosk expertise; Oracle, to help integrate database
                    forms for the system; and the Technology Store, for
                    its video-conferencing and application integration


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