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LATE BREAKING NEWS Late item to be added into new NetShift v2.1 - now offers the choice to use both GIF's and BITMAP's for Banners and Logo:

NETSHIFT v2.1 Summary of New Features and Enhancements:


NSControl, a nifty little dialer program that ensures a permanent connection (without the usual error messages!) if your kiosk is using Dial Up Networking. Plus other useful features if operating a coin operated kiosk:

NSCar Command Auto Restore, a must for running standard applications on a kiosk under NS Command. A simple yet clever little program that auto maximises any minimised running application:

NSUtilWS WinSpy is a NetShift background process that may be used to identify rogue dialog boxes that might be causing Kiosk to lock up:

NSRestart This program, when running in the background, can be set to restart the kiosk when you want

SAMPLE GRAPHICS A sensual blue NetShift scheme for you to play around with in 800x600 resolution, 16 bit high colour, small font. Netshift also supports: 640x480, 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x1024 and 1600x1200 resolutions:

FREE CUSTOM BUTTONS Downloadable Search Engine and Surf..To buttons (800x600):

NETSHIFT GRAPHICS TABLE Pixel settings for all the screen resolutions required to customise every component within NetShift.

KIOSK PRIMER - Important kiosk considerations list, over 50 major issues covered, to help you create, develop, deploy or operate a successful kiosk project, optimised for maximum up-time:

TRY IT! Evaluation download of a fully working copy of NetShift at:

BUY IT! Our highly competitive pricing remains unchanged for this new version - plus brand new secure on line purchasing of NetShift:

NETSHIFT DISTRIBUTORS/RESELLERS New Country Distributors have joined our ever growing list of local support. Countries covered:

NETSHIFT DISTRIBUTORS/RESELLERS WANTED! We are currently looking for MANY MORE Dynamic World Wide Distributors/Resellers to service the exploding market in Public Browser Interface (PBI) software. Further info:

FREE UPGRADES Our policy with regard upgrading remains unchanged - FREE upgrade to new version, please contact the Distributor you purchased NetShift from or contact us direct stating which version of NetShift you are currently using: [email protected]

JUST FOR FUN Klingon Keyboard for NetShift intergalactic kiosks, includes windows font set:

Thanks, to all of you, for your feedback enabling us to upgrade NetShift to its latest high quality and performance. NetShift is still written in Delphi making it the leanest and most compact kiosk program on the marketů lean code equals high speed reaction to user interface.

Best regards
C: Kevin O'Keeffe, FinstSMM
T: Sales Manager
A: NetShift Software Ltd 
A: Hughenden Yard, Marlborough, Wilts, SN8 1LT, UK
P: +44 (0)1672 511 094 
F: +44 (0)1672 511 078
E: [email protected]
Silicon Valley USA 
T/F: 001 408 273 6032

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