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Patriot Scientific's PSC1000 Powered System to Provide Internet Access; Design and Development of Multimedia Computer System for Kiosks
(Business Wire; 06/29/98)

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 29, 1998--Patriot Scientific Corp. 
(OTCBB:PTSC) today announced progress on the design and development of a custom 
based solution using its PSC1000 microprocessor for Olea Exhibits Inc.

     Patriot earlier announced Olea's initial multi-million dollar order for 
the company's PSC1000 microprocessor along with design and application 
development services. The first phase of the three year agreement is for the 
development and manufacturing of multimedia controllers for DVD (Digital Video 
Disk) player utilizing the PSC1000 microprocessor which will provide Olea with 
a quick entry into the market. As per the original schedule, production 
deliveries for the first 1,100 units are to begin shipping later this summer.

     As part of Phase II of this agreement, Patriot is additionally designing a 
mini multimedia computer system, powered by the PSC1000 microprocessor. It is a 
fully functional mini-computer with numerous multimedia features, will be 
Java(TM) based, and offer Internet enabled capabilities. The Patriot computer 
system eliminates Olea's need for personal computers using Pentium(TM) class 
processors for its next generation kiosks. The patented-design of the PSC1000 
microprocessor makes it extremely well suited for this use. The Patriot mini 
multimedia computer system is a significantly lower cost alternative to a 
personal computer for use in interactive kiosks. It offers Olea additional 
flexibility in its kiosk design because of its reduced size and extensive 
communication and connectivity options.

     Per Olea's specifications, Patriot is designing and manufacturing the 
multimedia computer based on its PSC1000 microprocessor. Patriot will utilize 
its expertise and experience with communications products to add an additional 
chipset on the board to provide advanced communications and connectivity 
features. Patriot will also manage the porting, development and integration of 
a real-time operating system and custom Java application software. Olea is 
currently working on projects that will utilize this new advanced design 
including customized music reproduction kiosks, employee application and 
screening kiosks, and centralized hotel reservation kiosks. This initial design 
accommodates Olea's customers' requirement for kiosks that can easily and cost-
effectively provide Internet access, connectivity to several peripheral devices 
including touchscreen displays, CD-ROM players, Digital Video Disk drives, 
printers and more, all in a small convenient package.

     "We chose to use the PSC1000 microprocessor in our next generation kiosks 
primarily because it allows us to reduce the size and the cost of the kiosk, 
while providing a high-performance platform for our Java applications," said 
Mark Olea, president of Olea Exhibits Inc. "Our customers are looking for ways 
to put kiosks in more places and as close to their customers as possible. By 
developing on the PSC1000 platform rather than the currently standard 
Intel/Windows NT platform, we can eliminate using a personal computer and 
drastically reduce the footprint and the cost, while still providing advanced 
functionality like Internet access."

     "The PSC microprocessor provides the ideal platform to develop Olea's new 
kiosk line. We see many kiosk applications for the computer system and 
anticipate that the Olea relationship should provide revenues exceeding $10 
million over the term of the agreement", said Jim Lunney, president and chief 
executive officer of Patriot.

     A kiosk is an interactive, automated information vehicle. The most common 
kiosk in the market today is the ATM (Automatic Teller Machine). Kiosks are ATM 
like public access terminals that display or dispense information on everything 
from bank services, travel information, airline tickets, and health information 
to kiosks that print grocery coupons at the market. One of the chief advantages 
of the kiosk is they allow business to reach customers and prospects beyond 
their conventional venues.

     According to Frost & Sullivan's strategic research report, U.S. 
Interactive Kiosk Markets, the 1996 interactive kiosk market reached $369.7 
million and is expected to reach $2.94 billion by the year 2003. Frost & 
Sullivan forecasts that businesses in many vertical markets will utilize kiosks 
to improve/increase customer satisfaction, provide additional services and to 
increase efficiency. The industries expected to utilize kiosks include retail, 
finance, government, tourism, entertainment, health care, transportation and 
high technology.

     The PSC1000 microprocessor is ideal for Internet enabled information 
kiosks, cell phones, video phones, embedded Web servers, set-top boxes and a 
host of other new Internet appliances. The PSC1000, a 32-bit microprocessor 
based upon Patriot's patented ShBoom(TM) technology, is designed to provide 
economic solutions for the growing number of new Java applications as well as 
other traditional embedded systems markets.

     Located in Artesia, Calif., Olea Exhibits produces commercial grade kiosks 
and interactive pavilions featuring a multitude of applications. For 20 years, 
Olea has specialized in custom designs engineered to meet unique functional 
requirements of its clients including Pioneer Electronics, Warner Brothers, 
Pierre Cardin, Hong Kong Trade Development, Clarion Sales Corp., and others. 
For more information on Olea, visit the company's Web site at

     Founded in 1987, Patriot Scientific Corp. designs, manufactures and 
markets: the PSC1000, based on the patented ShBoom technology, a 32-bit 
microprocessor targeted at Java and Internet appliances as well as the 
traditional embedded systems markets; high-performance ISDN Basic Rate and 
Primary Rate products for digital communications; and ground-penetrating radar 
and ionized gas antenna technologies. For more information on Patriot 
Scientific Corp., visit

     Safe Harbor statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act 
of 1995: Statements in this news release looking forward in time involve risks 
and uncertainties, including the risks associated with the effect of changing 
economic conditions, trends in the products markets, variations in the 
company's cash flow, market acceptance risks, technical development risks, 
seasonality and other risk factors detailed in the company's Securities and 
Exchange Commission filings.

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