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Host Marriott Services To Install MICROS POS System at The World's Busiest Airport, Chicago O'Hare International Airport
(Business Wire; 06/29/98)

BELTSVILLE, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 29, 1998--MICROS Systems Inc. 
(NASDAQ: MCRS), one of the world's leading providers of information technology 
to the hospitality industry, announced Monday that the foodservice management 
company for Chicago O'Hare International Airport, Host Marriott Services, will 
install the MICROS 8700 Hospitality Management System (HMS) throughout the 
airport's 90+ foodservice point-of-sale vendors and restaurants.

     Host Marriott Services will use the MICROS 8700 HMS for sales 
transactions, labor management and payroll processing as well as management 
reporting for all of the foodservice concepts throughout the airport. This 
month, MICROS will begin installation of the new POS system at O'Hare, the 
world's busiest airport.

     "With over 90 food and beverage outlets, 190 POS workstations and a new 8 
mile fiber optic communications network, the POS system at O'Hare will be the 
largest airport installation for Host Marriott Services," said Paul Kolze, 
director of Information Systems at Host Marriott Services.  "The MICROS 8700 
HMS provides the reliability and power we need to support the wide diversity of 
concepts and the high volume of transactions unique to this airport."

     "The MICROS 8700 HMS has a proven track record in high-volume, complex 
foodservice environments," said Dan Interlandi, Sr. V.P. and general manager at 
MICROS, "and the system can easily provide the consolidated and individual 
sales reporting that will enable Host Marriott Services to manage this 
expansive operation."

     The 8700 HMS is a robust POS solution designed to support multiple revenue 
centers in distributed foodservice environments.  The flexibility of the 8700 
HMS enables it to support O'Hare's variety of concepts including sit-down 
restaurants, casual dining as well as quick service locations.

     The system uses a centralized database for cash/sale processing and 
employee and menu item maintenance to manage the 38,500 average daily 
transactions, 800 - 1,000 airport associates, and enterprise-wide reporting for 
the foodservice locations throughout the airport. 

     The 8700 HMS will run on the MICROS PC Workstation Model 64, a rugged 
touchscreen 64-bit Pentium(R) personal computer, as the point-of-sale (POS) 
hardware platform.

     Host Marriott Services, with its worldwide headquarters in Bethesda, Md., 
is the leading food, beverage and retail concessionaire at nearly 200 travel 
and entertainment venues, with approximately 24,000 employees in six countries 
around the globe.

     Host Marriott services is best known for its custom solutions business 
approach that combines internationally known brands with regional favorites in 
airports, travel plazas, shopping malls and entertainment attractions.  The 
company has concentrated its recent growth initiatives on international airport 
and domestic shopping malls.

     MICROS Systems Inc., headquartered in Beltsville, provides complete 
information management solutions for the hospitality industry worldwide. 
Solutions include software, hardware, systems integration and support for table 
service and quick service restaurants, hotels and casinos, airports, and 
leisure and entertainment operations.

     Currently, over 70,000 MICROS systems are installed in more than 120 
countries worldwide.  MICROS' stock is traded through NASDAQ under the symbol 

     For more information on MICROS and its information technology, please 
contact Katrina Pruitt-Andrews at 301/210-8052 or call 800/638-0985.  You can 
also visit the MICROS web site at or e-mail us at 
[email protected]

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