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Touchscreen kiosk in The National Portrait Gallery London

Most museums and galleries in the UK now sell images of their most 
popular items on everything from postcards to fridge magnets. But what 
if the picture you're looking for isn't available in the range on 
offer? Visitors to the National Portrait Gallery are now able to access 
its huge collection of over 7,500 images via an amazing new computer - 
the Portrait Printer.

Launched in the National Portrait Gallery shop on 18 June, the Portrait 
Printer is the first service of its kind to be offered with direct 
access for the public anywhere in the world. Made possible by funding 
from The Observer, the Portrait Printer is based on Fuji Film's 
Pictrography 4000 with an interface designed by multimedia design 
agency The Hub. This combination of innovative digital technology 
produces truly spectacular results.

With a vast collection of images to choose from you can receive a 
superb photographic print in just seconds. The Portrait Printer uses an 
incredible 16.7 million colour shades to achieve a beautifully rich and 
detailed picture and, unlike a postcard or poster, you are not limited 
to the range carried by a shop or gallery as each print is prepared to 

'The ability to print out and then purchase an extremely high quality 
image of any picture in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery 
is a revolution in technology. It will enable anyone who comes to the 
Gallery to acquire an image of their favourite British hero, pin-up or 
villain.' Charles Saumarez Smith, Director, National Portrait Gallery

The machine couldn't be easier to use. Simply key in the image 
required, view the image on-screen, take the printed ticket to the 
sales desk and the Fuji Film Pictrography 4000 delivers the print in 
under 2 minutes. Then just pay at the desk and receive your print in a 
protective poster tube or folder.

The Gallery houses a collection of famous faces in British history from 
the Middle Ages until the present day. From Elizabeth I and William 
Shakespeare to Stephen Hawking and Darcey Bussell, the choice is 
endless and the Portrait Printer also gives you access to hundreds of 
art treasures that are not on display at the Gallery.

Four sizes of print will be on sale in the National Portrait Gallery 
Small (10x6inch) ~5.50 
Standard (10x8inch.) ~8.50
Large (10x12inch) ~12.50 
Super (12.4x18.3inch) ~17.50
Customers outside London can receive prints by mail order. Please 
contact Philippa Grand, Publications Assistant. Tel: 0171 306 0055 ext 
253; Fax: 0171 306 0092 or e-mail [email protected]
There is no catalogue of images available but any specific request can 
be checked and ordered, subject to copyright.

Prints are also available of all the exhibited works in the BP Portrait 
Award 1998

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