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HP to Offer Build-To-Order HP Pavilion PCs at Circuit City Stores Nationwide; HP Expands Consumer Choice and Distribution by Selling Customized Home PCs Through Retail Channel
(Business Wire; 07/08/98)

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 8, 1998-- Hewlett-Packard Company 
 today announced it will take part in a program to give consumers shopping for 
 home PCs at Circuit City retail stores the option to use an electronic kiosk to 
 configure an HP Pavilion 8300 PC with the features and capabilities they 

     The build-to-order (BTO) pilot program will begin in late summer in certain 
 Circuit City stores and is expected to be rolled out nationwide to more than 
 510 Circuit City super stores by late fall.  

     "HP is working with Circuit City to put the convenience of retail and the 
 choice of the direct channel into the hands of retail consumers by letting 
 consumers customize their own HP Pavilion PCs," said Harry W. (Webb) McKinney, 
 general manager of HP's Home Products Division.  "Enabling customers, 
 especially enthusiasts, to personalize their home PCs while maintaining HP's 
 high standards for quality and customer care is an exciting concept."  

     "We are excited to have HP involved in this program," said Alan McCollough, 
 president and chief operating officer of Circuit City.  "While expanding 
 selection and computing possibilities, the Circuit City BTO program also gives 
 the consumer who enjoys the in-store shopping experience access to more 

     Assisted by a Circuit City sales counselor, customers will be able to use 
 the interactive kiosk's touch screen to learn about, select and order the 
 desired PC configuration.  Upon submitting the order electronically, customers 
 can expect the HP-built PC to be shipped directly to them within approximately 
 seven to 10 business days.  

     HP will use the HP Pavilion PC 8300 series, introduced last week, to launch 
 the build-to-order program.  Features that customers can select to personalize 
 their PCs include processor, memory, disk space, the presence of a CD-ROM or 
 DVD drive, monitors and other accessories.  This build-to-order method also 
 allows consumers to design their HP Pavilion PCs to fit within a specific 
 budget by enabling them to view the prices of their customized PCs before 
 submitting their orders.  

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